Top Five of 2008: Brian’s favorite albums

Fan-Belt contributor Brian Whitney plays in Year of the Scavenger and Pigs on Ice. Here are his five favorite records of 2008.

Deerhoof, Offend Maggie
San Francisco weird rockers continued their slow march towards writing a genuine pop hit. Beautiful songwriting, amazing drum style.

The Fall
, Imperial Wax Solvent
30 year old bands aren’t supposed to make great records, but Mark E. Smith made a career out of changing the rules to meet his needs. As fresh and vital as anything they put out in the 70’s and 80’s.

Lil’ Wayne, The Carter III
All hail the postmodern rap era. Wayne both mocks and bests the entire genre here, kind of like a rap record version of “Hot Fuzz”. Everything hip hop could be if more rappers let their guard down.

Young Widows, Old Wounds
Louisville Jesus Lizard fans step out of the shadow of Touch and Go and make a record that really sounds like nothing else going on right now. Surprisingly nimble vocal hooks.

No Age, Nouns
Two L.A. dudes singing out of tune over punkier, bassless My Bloody Valentine-style rock landscapes. This record sounds like driving in the summer with the windows down. Timeless.


2 Responses to “Top Five of 2008: Brian’s favorite albums”

  1. Jonathan Soto Says:

    Even if in your opinion the music fails, none can deny the sheer awesomeness of a toddler sporting bling, tats and gang signs which proves Tha Carter III was a pinnacle of musical achievement of 2008.

  2. Bill Raid Says:

    I didn’t like the No Age record until about three weeks ago when I somehow managed to be a VIP (meaning free, fancy beer) at a show they played. If you take away the interludes it’d be almost perfect but as is it’s still really good.

    This list makes sense.

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