Tonight: Roster McCabe @ The Rave

Photo courtesy of the artist
Words by Laura D. Kezman

Their music does not break open doors nor do they tread unfamiliar ground, but the undeniable soul of Roster McCabe leaks through them onstage like their name leaked through Summerfest grounds this past summer. Audiences flocked to familiar sounds Roster McCabe delivered for the full eleven days of Summerfest. The Minneapolis-based band made their imprint on Milwaukee by July 6, and now they are on their way to make another one at The Rave this Saturday, Dec. 6.

MP3: “The Traveler,” Roster McCabe

The playful workings of a saxophone and jazzy arrangements and vocals redefine what tends to get predictable. By weaving in obvious reggae influences, their album The Rhythm/ The Elements keep listeners on their toes by making them comfortable with each track, until the next one starts bringing an entirely different sensation. “Burn Bright” carries the smooth transition from calm saxophone to an energizing guitar solo until “The Traveler” begins, instantly igniting any listener with the need to move their feet in response to the distinct rhythm created by the multi-layered reggae melody. As most of it remains instrumental, lyrics that insist: “And then you take a deep breath/ And you move your feet to the sound/ And then you exhale real slow/ And you move your feet off the ground” are designed to motivate listeners into doing just that.

Lead singer, Alex Steele, provides the same soothing vocals in the way that distinguishes Dave Matthews or John Mayer—though lacking the vocal-centric aesthetic that sets both of them a part.

Roster McCabe is continuing to keep their names fresh in Milwaukee’s mind as they are also doing so on a wider plain throughout the Midwest. Hitting festivals in northern Minnesota and selling out auditoriums in Minneapolis, the intimate radius they have right now will only expand with time.

Have no regrets catching them this Saturday at The Rave, where their audience can enjoy a compressed version of the impressive sets they delivered the eleven days at Summerfest.


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