The Trusty Knife: CD Release Show This Saturday!

Image courtesy of Myspace

Story by Erin Wolf

The Trusty Knife have faithfully followed through on their own adjective, becoming a ‘trusty’ source of some of Milwaukee’s finest pop music. This Saturday, The Trusty Knife shares its penchant for smart lyrics, bassoons, cabaret piano stylings and 60’s-style jangly guitars in CD form, as they release their first, self-titled recording at the Mad Planet.

“Most of the songs were recorded at SoundSound [studio] and some were recorded in a basement on a boombox, so there’s a difference in fidelity,” says Zach Pieper, frontman for The Trusty Knife, “hopefully, it coheres.” Pieper and Co. (Brock Gourlie, Ross Bachhuber, Annie Killelea, Anton Sieger) are apparently quite knack-y at creating a natural coherence from basement and bedroom to the studio, for their first release easily rolls from one song to the next, a perfect study of dance-inducing pop music. “Tony Scholl recorded the record, and the band did the mixing with Tony. Tony also plays sax on the song “Natural Habitat”, Pieper points out, also adding that Sholl and the band recorded the album throughout the summer of 2007, taking their time for their premiere.  “Ross (Bachhuber) plays bass and guitar, and is also a chef, so he works odd hours, so we mixed and mastered it slowly. But, we all had input in the mixing.”

Collaborating comes naturally to the small pop orchestra, lending their ears to both the creation and recording of their songs. The Trusty Knife, seen live, is a happy spectacle to take in; impossible to resist, even to the most grouchy and hesitant of hip shakers — the band’s bubbly but fortified energy makes for a total guiltless pleasure. Pieper says the band’s sound is a bit more raw onstage, and that the chance to record the songs they have been playing live for the past couple years, is an interesting, new vantage point. “It’s not quite like us live — it’s actually lush. We overdubbed the pianos and added some xylophones and chimes,” he says, also pointing out that by recording, the tempo changed up slightly as well. “By slowing the songs down more, they sound more dramatic.”

Catch a copy of The Trusty Knife’s CD at their release show at The Mad Planet (533 E. Center Street) at 10 p.m. With The Chain, Batten Revue and Hyena Hyena.

MP3“A Flash In The Pan”, The Trusty Knife

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