Sex, Politics and Religion with Bradley

Photo courtesy of the artist
Interview by Erika J. Bock

With music that runs the gamut from playful Erasure- and New Order-inspired synthpop to more aggressive industrial, Milwaukee-based solo artist Bradley has been writing and recording since the mid-90s. His third record, “We Are Lovers in a Dying World,” was released back in September.

MP3: “Anhedonia,” Bradley
MP3: “Bubblegum,” Bradley

Fan-Belt writer Erika Bock asks Bradley the tough questions …

F-B: How does sex affect your music?

B: Being a hopeless romantic, I think my songs delve more into a fascination with this concept of a perfect soul-mate versus the reality of relationships. I don’t really write overtly about sex itself, but I like to think that some of my funkier songs are sexy!

F-B: How do politics affect your music?

B: It is hard to write an overtly political song without coming off as corny or preachy. That being said, I am quite interested in politics, and my beliefs come across sometimes in the lyrics. I have a nasty habit of occasionally talking politics while on stage…you really can rub people the wrong way some times…but that idea of confrontation is a punk ideal that I can relate to. I think one of the main concepts that I’ve been getting at lately which deals with politics and society is that money is a huge sickness, and it controls many people’s lives…It’s the American way I guess.

F-B: How does religion affect your music?

B: Spirituality and the exploration of our existence (and perhaps a higher power) has always fascinated me. The original merits that produced organized religions have kind of been warped by this “group mentality”… really one’s true beliefs should be a personal thing. I do tend to write about “big” issues like spirituality and religion…I have thoroughly covered the topics of God and the impending apocalypse in several songs!

Bradley plays 9:30 p.m. December 5th at The Monkey Bar and 10 p.m. December 20th at The Social wih SomeGirl, which includes members of Endless Blue.


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