TGIW: Our Holiday Weekend Picks!

TGIT is TGIW, because even bloggers need a holiday…

Image of Bob Dylan following a tire to Linneman’s courtesy of Google Images
Wednesday, November 26th
Nod To Bob: Bob Dylan Tribute, 7 p.m. @ Linneman’s (1001 E. Locust Street)
CBS used to say “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan”, and of course they were totally right, but that certainly hasn’t stopped anyone from paying tribute to him. This Wednesday, Linneman’s pays tribute to Robert Allen Zimmerman for the tenth year in a row, along with the help of locals such as Lisa Gatewood, Chris DeMay, Blaine Schultz, Blonde On Blonde, Heidi Spencer, John Sieger, Mike Mangione and Jason Mohr. If you missed the real deal at The Riverside a couple of weeks ago, here’s your next best shot. 

Image courtesy of Myspace
Speedfreaks + El Gordo, Fres, DJ Shortround, 10:30 p.m. @ Lulu (2261 S. Howell Avenue)
Speedfreaks are Milwaukee hardcore veterans, skinning most fledgling hardcore punks in maturity (hey Milwaukee, where were you in ’84?) and sheer full-throttle energy. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. The Speedfreaks bring on the mayhem the day before, so you can get all those closeted feelings of familial anger out before you visit the family. Milwaukee’s El Gordo, a sonically aggressive and incredibly catchy mix of hip hop, punk and Rock en Espanol, will undoubtedly leave its audience asking, ‘where did these guys come from?’. El Gordo won’t remain incognito for much longer. With Fres and DJ Shortround.

Image courtesy of Myspace
The Etiquette + The Response, 10 p.m. @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth Avenue)
The Etiquette have been putting beer-swilling etiquette back into Milwaukee’s rock scene for quite some time, yet its also been quite some time that these beer-boppers have offered us a cold one. Thankfully, they’ve got both the bottle and the bottle opener for their pre-Thanksgiving, pre-official release show. Their forthcoming release Highly Unstable is not completely FDA approved yet, but there’ll be plenty of samples available. Smooth as Superdrag and with enough bite as Guided By Voices, The Etiquette always go down easy. With The Response.

Image courtesy of Google Images
Saturday, November 28th
Frogwater @ Linneman’s, 9 p.m. (1001 E. Locust Street)
Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk, Cajun, Americana and Blues are just a handful of genres that Milwaukee’s Frogwater graze over the course of a performance. Susan Jeske-Dermody (viola,vocals, mandolin) and John Nicholson (acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin) offer lively interpretations of  traditional classics and a couple of originals, thrown in for good measure. They’ve been honored with a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) two years in a row for best band in the Blue Grass & Country category. Saturday, they bring their plucky arrangements to Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. With Lil’ Rev.


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