Everything you wanted to know about the Pabst/Riverside

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel took what was on the tip of everyone’s tongue and gave it 2000 words. Read article

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’ve seen a handful of shows at Pabst Theater, Turner Hall or the Riverside Theater. Lord knows we have! I’ll just say that’s it’s great to have venues in this town that respect concertgoers like us. Namely by:
1. Not over-charging at the door.
2. Not over-charging at the bar ($3 tall boys!).
3. Not enlisting gangster-ass thugs to run security operations.
4. Caring about how concerts sound.
5. Caring about how the venue looks, smells and feels.

So thank you, Pabst Theater Foundation, on behalf of all music freaks in this fine city. You’re an organization we can build a scene around. For that we’re grateful.

-Adam Lovinus, editor


3 Responses to “Everything you wanted to know about the Pabst/Riverside”

  1. DrAwkward Says:

    I feel it necessary to point out, after reading that article, that Peter Jest is a fucking lunatic idiot.

  2. Digestion Says:

    Peter Jest is a horrible, heartless human being. Also, the Pabst and Turner Hall are by far the best venues in the city.

  3. Peter Jester Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Peter Jest should Get Fucked. He is a stupid old piece of poo, that doesn’t know shit from steak.

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