TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Image of STS9 courtesy of Myspace
Friday, November 21st
Sound Tribe Sector 9 + Elliot Lipp @ The Rave/Eagles Club (2401 W. Wisconsin Avenue)
Sound Tribe Sector 9 (or STS9) make for an energized live performance, leaving a trail of frenzied fans in their wake as they scoot from festival to festival. The Californian quintet have been perfecting their instrumental electronic/funk/psychedelia on the live stage since the late 90’s. Undeniably jam-y and an undeniably popular live act among their fans, STS9 is touring behind their latest release, Peaceblaster.
Image of C-Section courtesy of Myspace
Saturday, November 22nd
The Chain + Call Me Lightning, C-Section @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth)
The Chain, Milwaukee’s most under-the-radar band, is playing live — catch them while you can. C-Section, (Chris Schulist) has scheduled an also rare, live performance, spitting rhymes in his gravelly baritone. Call Me Lightning will, as always, provide the insane energy-factor of a satisfyingly solid rock performance, especially with new tunes in their pockets. These tunes don’t go ‘jingle-jangle’. They go ‘crash-boom’.
Image of Brother Ali courtesy of Myspace
Made In Milwaukee: Brother Ali + The Rusty P’s, Kings Go Forth, No Request Sound, Chalice In the Palace @ Turner Hall Ballroom (1034 N. 4th Street)
Hip hop will literally be bumping the floor this Saturday at Turner Hall Ballroom where Brother Ali (MN) takes center stage, entertaining the political messages of his songs which have gained added momentum with the recent electoral results. Also featured are Milwaukee’s own enigmatic The Rusty P’s, the always-stellar live performance of Kings Go Forth, No Request Sound and Chalice In the Palace.

Image of Leo Minor courtesy of Myspace
Leo Minor + Lookbook, Jonathan Burks, Eric Blowtorch @ Mad Planet (533 E. Center Street)
Leo Minor is the the ultimate live dance band, fronted by J Todd; when paired with Minneapolis’ boy/girl electro-pop duo, Lookbook, the result is purely catalystic, in dance-sense. Leo Minor also holds claim to the rare performance, so get ’em while the getting’s good. Mix in a little drinkin’ music, compliments of Jonathan Burks’ delightful combination of Mark E. Smith, Craig Finn and Dylan, and the night creates a magic of its own. With Eric Blowtorch.


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