Sex, Politics and Religion with Endless Blue

Photo courtesy of the artist
Interview by Erika J. Bock

After living in Minneapolis and then Madison, Endless Blue settled in Milwaukee, bringing with them a sound that melds synth- and sample-layered dream-pop with more edgy live instrumentation (fans of England’s Portishead will not be disappointed). The group is set to release its latest record, Fever of Dreams, Friday, November 21st at The Social, 170 S. 1st St.

Endless Blue’s core members Laura and Nick Mitchell talked sex, politics and religion with Fan-Belt’s Erika J. Bock. They were also nice enough to hook up a couple of tracks to download and listen to while you read the interview …

MP3 “Goodbye,” Endless Blue
MP3 “Her,” Endless Blue

Fan-Belt: How does sex affect your music?

Nick Mitchell: One of our fans described our music as “Sex Music”, to be put on before doing the deed. I find this ironic because I think we write to the darker parts of sex — the control, the power, the damage, the loneliness… Sex grates against the very fabric of our relationships as a contrary force. The emotion, drama, and pain caused by that conflict is an endless well of inspiration (and fascination) for me.

Laura Mitchell: As in all things in life, sex and love have a vital role in my song writing and especially in the lyrical web I weave. I am told that our music has been the soundtrack to a few sex-a-thons, which I guess I’m proud? The thought that endless blue can enter into the most intimate arena of a listener’s life is quite flattering.

Q: How does religion affect you music?

Nick: Not at all. Well, except for when Laura serenades me out of boredom with church songs she learned as a child…which are annoying as I am not down with the Jeebus.

Laura: Mostly try to not mix our music with any type of organized religion, don’t even want to go there. That said, anything in life could be considered as a “religion”, so I guess as a spiritual person I do let whatever moves me into my writing. This includes sex, love, relationships, work, other music, art, politics and religion.

Q: How do politics affect your music?

Laura: Passion, anger or hope within a political realm can easily creep into the music. If I am incredibly affected by something emotionally, I will let it somehow get into the mix. Sleep Child is an example. This song from our latest album is a war from the perspective of a young child. This was inspired by the Iraq war, but really can extend to any violent and terrifying situation.


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