Download free brand spankin’ new music! The Chairs – November EP

Our friends from up north, Appleton’s The Chairs, release their November EP today. You can listen to the whole EP on their Web site, and I suggest you do. Here’s why we like them:

1. They’re emotive without being whiny.
2. The songs employ ambient shoegaze elements while having strong composition.
3. Guitarist Phil Kronenberg plays hot rock guitar solos and noisy textures, but doesn’t wank or noodle.
4. Alex Schaaf’s voice is a sweet meld of Thom Yorke and Gordon Gano.
5. The rhythm section is strong, simplistic but unique – no generic beats/basslines here. The grooves are rhythmically quirky and supportive of the melody. Well done.

Not to mention they have the balls to cover Neutral Milk Hotel.

MP3: “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” The Chairs (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)

Now if they’d just book a Milwaukee show. I will say, however, seeing bands at Cranky Pat’s in Neenah is definitely worth the drive. Thin-crust pizza buffet + rock show = euphoria.


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