Interview: Thrice

Photo courtesy of Josh Hofer

Interview by Laura Kezman

In ten years since Thrice’s start, the band has thrived on the concept of reinventing themselves. The California natives are currently sharing the stage with such notables as Rise Against and Alkaline Trio. Bassist Ed Breckenridge found time on their tour bus to speak with Fan-Belt just before their show in St. Louis.

Fan-Belt Milwaukee: What is the biggest transition the band underwent since its start in 1998?

Ed Breckenridge: The biggest transition came between the albums “The Artist in the Ambulance” (2003) and “Vheissu.” (2005) With “The Artist,” it was the first time we actually felt like our band had our own sound, and with that came a need to experiment and move past it. And when it came time to do “Vheissu” we like, let go of all of that. We said we were going to write what we’re going to write, and write what comes out of us, what makes us happy. It was a very freeing feeling.

FB: How has being from California shaped your sound?

EB: I think a lot of the growth of the band happened when we actually starting touring a lot, and I think that’s what shaped a lot of our sound by actually getting out of California.

FB: Did Thrice ever have a garage phase?

EB: Absolutely. I think our first practice was actually in our parents’ garage and then we ended up moving into basically the garage area of [guitarist] Teppei [Teranishi] father’s work. The beginnings of our band was very small and we didn’t even have any thoughts of ever being signed, so it’s kind of been a crazy ride.

FB: What bands or artists are you the most excited to listen to right now?

EB: I’ve been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens, he’s amazing. There’s also a band called the Mercury Program, which is an instrumental band, but really cool—almost a jazzy feel. I was also listening to a lot of Talk Talk and The Colour Revolt. I’m not the best at searching out and finding new music, I wish I were. But a lot of music I find eventually from bands that we’re touring with.

FB: What is the most awkward interview you have ever had?

EB: We did one for this magazine and didn’t really know what it was all about, but its one of those magazine that has girls plastered all over it wearing barely any clothes. The questions the guy was asking were totally stupid, talking about hooking up with girls, which none of us take any part in. I mean two of the guys in our band are married. I don’t know, maybe it was good to be in that magazine, showing some of the readers that there are bands out there that are different.

Thrice plays 8 p.m. Monday, November 17 at The Rave in support of Rise Against and Alkaline Trio.


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