TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Image of Pezzettino courtesy of Myspace
Thursday, November 13th
Pezzettino and Quinn Scharber and the…, 9 p.m. @ Stonefly Brewery (735 E. Center Street)
Since tot-dom, Milwaukeean Margaret Stutt, aka ‘Pezzettino’ has had her hands poised over a keyboard, whether of a piano or an accordion. These days, she’s more prone towards the polka-ish percussive instrument, but takes the folk ‘bellower’ down an entirely different avenue, using the best pop leanings to create a unique sound that belies a creative musician equipped with a firm grip on a new take of an old Wisconsin standby. Expect something along the lines of Kimya Dawson crossed with ELO crossed with El Perro Del Mar and Camera Obscura
Image of the Vega Star courtesy of Myspace
Friday, November 14th
Kneel To Neil Benefit, 8 p.m. @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn (1001 E. Locust Street)
Catch Fan-belt’s recent post on Kneel To Neil *here* for the short and sweet lowdown…
Image courtesy of Myspace
Year Of The Scavenger, White, Wrench, Conservatory, Molitor, 10 p.m. @ Cactus Club,  (2496 S. Wentworth) 
Echoing the vim of Touch and Go and Dischord Records catalog, Milwaukee’s Year Of The Scavenger launches its first release with enough natural force to keep its audience stunned enough to stay put and listen to the rock music that is the rare output of a band, three-strong.

Image courtesy of Myspace
Saturday, November 15th
IfIHadAHiFi, canyonsofstatic, The Celebrated Workingman, DJ How, 10 p.m. @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth)
…the show based on the monster music issue put out by Vital Source Magazine…more info. tomorrow…

Image of Young Widows courtesy of Myspace
Young Widows, Suicide Note, City Of Ships, Gabriel Hunter, Mike M., 10 p.m. @ The Borg Ward (823 W. National)
“Brutal” is a good descriptor to use for Kentucky’s Young Widows, who have built a musical career on sounding like an audio concussion. For fans of the Jesus Lizard, Bald Eagle and These Arms Are Snakes.

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