Why we love punk shows at the Dipping Station

The Gut Reactions take a break from chips, salsa and Port Wine cheese spread to rock a set at the Dipping Station in Riverwest.

Photo and words by Dan Agacki

I, like pretty much everyone, enjoy snacking. It is an enjoyable pastime. Punk shows, same deal. To combine the two seems all too logical. The guys at The Dipping Station know what I am talking about. Their shows provide snacking opportunities for even the pickiest of snackers. Last night I descended into the Station to munch on some pretzel rods and tortilla chips. There wasn’t any Port Wine cheese spread this time around, but beggars can’t be choosers, ya know.

Show openers Rapid Adapter turn garage rock on its ear in the same way that Wire did punk. Throw in a bit of Mission of Burma and Magazine and you have a small glimpse at the recipe for their sound. The songs cranked out at rapid fire pace. It was like a well oiled machine. There’s really no other band like ‘em in Milwaukee and that’s why I’ve always held them in high regard.

The Thing That Always Explodes, from Little Rock, AR, assumed the middle position of the show lineup. Other than listening to their MySpace songs, I had no previous exposure to them. Their set was a bit constrained by the fact that the frontman was also the guitar player, a configuration that doesn’t aid most hardcore bands. But their quality songwriting and 1.6 Band/Drive Like Jehu sound pulled them along.

Closing the night down were the Gut Reactions. Now here’s a band that doesn’t get enough love. Musically solid with an energetic frontman, their live shows are always great. Last night was no different. They cranked out the garage rock tunes in a straight up manner that bands just don’t seem to do anymore. It makes me nostalgic for the mid-90s heydays of Rip Off and Radio X Records. As soon as you’re done reading this, run on over to My Space and check out their show dates. You’ll thank me later.


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