Blatz, Punk and Popcorn? Y-Not Y-Not Y-Not?

Direct Hit
Image from Myspace

Words by Jamie Baird

The Y-Not Y-Not Y-Not [1854 E Kenilworth Place], a.k.a. the Y-Not III is not only a favorite East Side watering hole, but a surprisingly fun music venue as well. The Nort’ Woods Loft upstairs provides plenty of room and excellent acoustics for a variety of bands, and a variety is what’s booked here. Throw in $4 liters of Blatz and free baskets of popcorn, and you have yourself a night of reasonably priced, quality entertainment.

This Sunday, patrons were treated to a Pop Punk Extravaganza featuring a solid line up of Midwestern punk blasting out the well-crafted jams.

Locals Direct Hit kicked the night off with wonderfully catchy tunes punctuated by guitarist Nick Woods’ brother Peter “THE DIRECTOR” Woods and his manic dancing. Quoth one DJ Hostettler, “Their bassist is a fucking monster and their not-so-secret weapon.”

The Jack Moves, also denizens of Milwaukee, kept up the pace with even more manic dancing and killer guitars belting out their dirty New York ’77 inspired rock ‘n’ roll. Fast, loud and tight, covering topics such as girls, cars and baseball, these songs are as American as Apple Pie, Hope and Change.

Amen and The Hell Yeahs hail from Minneapolis and blazed through a stunning set of sloppy yet still whip smart, Bay-Area tinged garage punk. Another familial moment graced the evening when guitarist/vocalist Spike promised us a Merle Haggard cover and his brother Pat [The Jack Moves] joined him for the vocals.

Finally, Vacation Bible School, from Elgin, Ill. ended the night with blistering tight set of classic snotty, yet thoughtful, pop-punk in the vein of FYP [the origin of their band name] or the Vindictives.

MP3 “Buy Me a Drink,” Direct Hit
MP3 “Spy,” Jack Moves
MP3 “1820 Columbus Ave,” Amen and the Hell Yeahs


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