Sex, Politics and Religion with Steven Hawley

Words and Photo By Erika J. Bock

Steven Hawley is a man of many talents: producer (Codebreaker, DDR Labs, etc.), label-owner (Disco Demolition Records), and, of course, DJ (his style: “disco, boogie, cosmic funk and a bit of funky pop”). While Hawley calls Milwaukee home, his favorite city to throw down tracks is San Francisco. “A lot of people there always seem to respond really well to what I do. Plus, I’m not really a drinker or a smoker…so it’s a great place to fill the days with sunshine, yoga and juice bars…yeah, I’m a huge nerd.”

How does sex affect your music?

Subconsciously, as just a natural extension of my persona, I guess. I honestly don’t know what to say beyond that. I just write until I come across melodies and rhythm that feels genuine and warm to me…it’s gotta give me a sort of positive chill up the spine. That’s all I know. I write and spin music that makes me fell good. So, yeah. That was probably the most un-sexual answer, ever.

How does religion affect your music?

It doesn’t…like, at all. I enjoy non-religion.

How do politics affect your music?

I don’t write overtly political songs, ’cause it’s not really me and I wouldn’t be any good at it, anyway, so it’s probably a good thing. I would say that being very much social liberal, however, does go hand in hand with what I do.

MP3“DDR Labs Extended Mix”

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