(Hardcore!) Review: Protestant @ Garfield House

Photo and words by Andrew Falk

I had considered
Protestant to be one of the most exciting Milwaukee-based bands before I’d seen this show, and this performance solidified my opinion. Basement shows are often more crowded and intense than is possible at larger, legitimate venues, but the vibe at the Garfield House very friendly and relaxed.

Bored Straight from Hartford, Wisconsin, played first and they brought an old-school approach to hardcore punk. The set lasted about nine minutes; they mentioned it was a little longer than it takes in their practices.

Two Chicago bands were supposed to play next, but they weren’t there yet, so Protestant set up and played. They are a four-piece, two guitars, bass, and drums, with both guitarists singing, and they play a punishing brand of hardcore that ventures into metal territory now and then with a pinch harmonic or blast beat thrown in to keep things interesting. Their massive noise wall of overdriven guitars fit just right with the drums that sounded like a car that’s being driven too fast but never crashes.

Bosque from Chicago played next, a three-piece d-beat band with all Spanish lyrics (at least I think they were in Spanish, it was kind of hard to tell.) They played a solid set with dueling vocalists and plenty of rawness, but they felt a little sloppy after Protestant’s tight set. We decided to leave before Sin Orden‘s set since we felt like we’d had our fill by that point.

CD Review: “True Believers,” Protestant
CD Review: “The Hate. The Hollow,” Protestant


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