Halloween Extravaganza!!!

Words by Jamie Baird

Halloween is easily one of the most fun holidays of the year. Any excuse to wear costumes, eat candy and throw parties all week rates high with most. It is also extra special for the annual tradition of bands donning musical costumes. For those of you in ‘witch’ Halloween would be 

incomplete without a good, old fashioned cover show, let me offer you these frighteningly fine choices…

Image courtesy of Myspace
The Cactus Club, along with Sky High Skateboards, is offering what is probably going to be one of the best shows of the year. Miraculously, The Misfits, Minor Threat, Negative Approach and Black Flag were all available to play this Friday night! Perhaps you know them better as Children in Heat, Get Rad, Dead Issue and Protestant.
Image courtesy of Mypace

Oddly enough, Creedence Clearwater Revival is playing two venues this Halloween. The Up and Under Pub is hosting the Halloween S”Cream Spooftacular” featuring The Situation performing the music of Cream and The Delta Routine covering CCR.
Image courtesy of Myspace
Back across town, in Bay View, a night at Frank’s Power Plant will treat you to CCR as translated by members of The Midwest Beat and The Elephant Walk. Kyle Denton of The Elephant Walk notes that not only will they be dressed up as a very convincing CCR, you will be delighted to hear all your favorites, with a healthy mix of deeper, more obscure tracks to make this set unforgettable. After midnight, expect to be wowed by The Who, a.k.a. Father Phoenix, who are reprising last year’s well-regarded performance.

If a more mellow evening is your style, Radiohead will be in Riverwest — Micah Olsan and The Tourists perform OK Compuer at The Gig.

While neither feature cover sets, there are two other happenings that I would be remiss not to mention. The Rave will be hosting the ultimate Halloween band, GWAR, in all their bloody glory. Also, Milwaukee’s favorite punk bar Circle A Cafe is going to be open ALL Halloween weekend with bands and DJs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. This will be your only chance to hang out there until New Year’s Eve!

Finally, Mad Planet will be hosting their annual Halloween costume contest during their regular Friday Retro Dance Party, complete with prizes.

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