Interview: Possible Fathers

Photo lifted from MySpace
Words by Brian Whitney

It’s hard to really sing the praises of a quality garage band, mainly because the qualities that make the good ones good (playful sloppiness, singing-into-a-hairbrush level vocals, playing as fast as possible) are the same qualities that make the bad ones unbearable. The wheat is wheat, the chaff is chaff, and usually it’s pretty easy to spot the difference.

Milwaukee’s Possible Fathers definitely embody the positive end of the spectrum on their recently released EP, Doing The Dad Thing. The band consists of Freight bassist Jake Cohen on drums, with Willy Dintenfass and Tony Dixon of Big Fun alternating between guitar and bass. Although technically a side project, the group feels more like a legitimate entity than a diversion, and the band is as entertaining as the bands its members comprise. What follows is a frank discussion of music, food, and life.

Fan-Belt: Tell us about how the band started.
Jake: (eating vegan cheesesteak, inaudible)
Tony: Well, five months ago, we had our first practice…Yesterday we had our fifth practice, and today we played our first show.
Willy: Somewhere in there we found the time to record our first EP.

F-B: What’s the EP called?
Willy: Doing The Dad Thing.

F-B: What inspired the Dad theme of your band and record?
Willy: Having kids. (Laughter)
Tony: I’d just like to say, for the record, that I don’t like kids at all.

F-B: What do you prefer, kids or cats?
Tony: I guess kids. I have a nephew that’s pretty cool.

F-B: What bands have served as inspiration for Possible Fathers?
Jake: Freight.
Willy: Actually, based on last night’s practice, I think Freight that be a little too mathy for your drum skills.
Jake: Ouch.

F-B: What about favorite foods?
Willy: Ginger
Tony: Frozen Pizza.
Jake: Mashed Potatoes.

F-B: Wait, ginger?
Willy: Yeah, I have some right here, actually. (produces bag from coat of sugar coated ginger treats) These are fantastic. I just put this coat on for the first time since last winter, and I found them in the pocket.

F-B: Oh.

Possible Fathers plays Friday, Oct. 31 at The Dripping Station (2851 N. Booth St.) with The Slats, The Liarbirds, and E=MC Hammer.


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