The Astrozombies! Take On ‘Halloween’

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words by Erin Wolf

The Misfits were (and still are) one of the most storied punk bands thanks to former frontman Glenn Danzig’s short, fiery performances, filled with references to grade-B horror films. At first, The Misfits truly lived up to their namesake, inciting annoyance and rage at their shows from irritated audience members. Full cans of beer were often hurled at the punk band, who in turn, hurled their best horror punk right back. Soon enough, opinions were changed, and The Misfits became as celebrated as the very holiday they championed. “Die Die My Darling”, “Night of the Living Dead” and “Halloween” are just as popular as the famous/infamous ‘devillock’. This time of the year plays host to pretty much every cover band under the full moon, but only one in Milwaukee pays full justice to the devilish glory of The Misfits: The Astrozombies! Fan-belt’s Erin Wolf talks to Jay Gilkay for all the gruesome details…

How long have you been around, and would you consider yourselves a Misfits ‘cover’ band or a ‘tribute’ band?

This is our second year doing the show. I guess we’re a cover band in the sense that we don’t look or dress like the Misfits, but we do have a standard costume we wear.

Who/what was the impetus?

We’ve always loved the music and we love Halloween. It’s a lot like chocolate and peanut butter. They just go great together.

So, who’s Glenn Danzig in the band?

I am the singer. I’m taller than Glenn, and not as hairy.

Do you know the entire Misfits catalogue?

Yes, we do. We actually play twenty-five songs in the set. That’s about thirty minutes (ha, ha). We play a ton of favorites but we also play some more obscure ones. Last year we did songs like “Come Back” and “American Nightmare”. This year, we’ve got some more surprises.

What was the hardest song to learn?

Just about every song is a minute and twenty seconds long. It really wasn’t too bad. If I had to pick one, I guess the lyrics to “Hatebreeders” trips me up, sometimes.

When you play out, do you usually don proper Misfits band attire? Do you wear/have you worn ‘devillocks’?

I had a devillock last year. This year, not so much. We do have a certain ‘uniform’ we wear for the show. It’s very cohesive.

Do your fans come to shows decked out?

Some have. It’s pretty cool. Last year some girl painted herself up like the cover of “Die, Die My Darling”. Very original!

When the Misfits first started playing out, they got some pretty strong crowd reactions and got into fights…they even got thrown in London prison. Do Astrozombies! re-create the chaos of the original shows?

We try to play hard and fast the whole show. The audience was insane last year, and we hope for the same response this year. We hope it’s a big sing-a-long like last time!

This isn’t the first time you’ve played the Mad Planet for a Halloween show — what do you have in store this Saturday for the fans?

Well, last year, we had a movie screen playing clips from classic horror movies while we played. It was awesome. This year, we’re trying something new that should be just as cool. We’ve also changed up the set with a bunch of different songs.

Astrozombies! play the Mad Planet (533 E. Center St.) with Pillow Fight and Fetch the Pliers. Show starts at 10 p.m.

One Response to “The Astrozombies! Take On ‘Halloween’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    but only one in Milwaukee pays full justice to the devilish glory of The Misfits

    what about CHILDREN IN HEAT?

    theyre playing on halloween @ cactus club

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