TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Photo of Certain Stars courtesy of Myspace
Friday, October 24th
Certain Stars, Verona Grove, The Bakers, 10 p.m. @ Points East (1501 N. Jackson)
Missed your chance to see Big Star? Here’s the next-best thing — Milwaukee’s own Certain Stars give ‘ol Alex Chilton a run for his money. When Chilton does come to town in December, he’ll get his shot to take some notes. Energized power chords and meticulous drumming are hallmarks of power pop, and this band nails it. With Verona Grove and The Bakers.

Image courtesy of Myspace
Sunday, October 26th
Of Montreal, 8 p.m. @ The Pabst (144 E. Wells Street)
While of Montreal’s latest album Skeletal Lamping is getting hit or miss reviews, one thing is certain — frontman Kevin Barnes knows how to entertain during a live set. Expect nothing short of ridiculous…maybe animals? Elaborate costumes? No costumes? It’s all possible at an of Montreal show…signs point to it all being fun.
Image courtesy of Myspace
Tuesday, October 28th
Tim Schweiger & The Middlemen, Dropsonic, Disguised As Birds, 
9 p.m. @ The Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth)
If Tim Schweiger were ever to be accused of being impossibly tuneful, he’d have to plead guilty. The Neenah native is a natural-born melody maker, mixing the best parts of Paul Westerberg with Superdrag. Schweiger, famous in the Midwest for being involved with everything from The Obsoletes to the Blueheels to Yesterday’s Kids and the Screwballs, showcases his acquired skills at his head-bobbing live performances. With Dropsonic and Disguised As Birds.


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