Sex, Politics and Religion with Rik Fade

Photo and interview by Erika J. Bock

Rik Fade is one of Milwaukee’s best-loved breakbeat DJs. When he isn’t throwing down crazy tear-out style tracks or getting new ink – seriously, his tattoos are amazing – he’s clocking major time in his studio doing production work despite claims that he’s in bed by midnight most nights. Check out his current tracks on MySpace. His production group also has a double-release available via

Q: How does sex affect your music?
A: I would say lack of sex; it builds up a lot of anger and frustration. My music is angry and sometimes very frustrating. Enough said.

Q: How does religion affect your music?
A: The majority of tunes I play/produce have a really dark, evil tone to them. The name of our breakbeat production group is ‘Sinners Inc.’ That probably says a lot about our views and how religion affects our music. I guess you could say we use anti-Christian values as our inspiration.

Q: How do politics affect your music?
A: Bush is a war-monger. McSame is old, stiff and pisses me off almost as much as his running mate when he talks. All of this anger can usually be used to make some really angry music.


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