…and Why Not? Juniper Tar Talks About Their Show at a Very ‘Questionable’ MKE Venue

Photo by K. Berger (left to right: Jason Mohr, Tuc Krueger, Aaron and Ryan Scheicher)

Juniper Tar’s heartfelt brand of folk-rock has earned them a rightful place next to Matador RecordsJennifer O’Connor, on tour for her latest release, Here With Me. Celebrating a recent release of their own, To The Trees, Juniper Tar is about to embark on a temporary hiatus from the local venue touring circuit, which they’ve playing solidly since their CD’s release. They’re also a band that deserves a bit of a break, and they’ll be getting that after their official last show of 2008 in Milwaukee this Saturday with Ms. O’Connor at local East Side venue and watering hole, the Y-Not II. Fan-belt’s Erin Wolf talks to the members of Juniper Tar about ‘why’ they do what they do, and the reason ‘why’ they like playing at the ‘Y-Not’ II.

Your band has grown over the last year with the addition of the two Chris’s (DeMay and Vos) on keys and slide guitar — you were originally the typical ‘guitar, bass and drums’ kind of band for a long time, and now you’re making your sound more in-depth…would you consider adding other instruments? Why/why not?

Juniper Tuc (drums): Why of course we would. Why not add a horn player! Aaron tried to play the trombone the other day, and that went about as smooth as me trying to pick a guitar. Tex from the Championship asked to play slide with us when he played at Cactus Club about an hour before a show once. “Why not?” said Jason [Mohr]. He played well, too.

Juniper Ryan (bass): Other instruments? Sure, why not? An Aquaggaswack, maybe. Or better yet, someone who can straight rock the Aeolian Wind Harp.

Juniper Aaron (guitar): Why not include the entire Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra? We might pull a Conor Oberst and fall into the string section, but why not?

You’re taking a Milwaukee show hiatus until next year…why not keep the momentum going on your freshly-released CD by making yourselves consistently present?

Juniper Aaron: Why not take that time out to get OUT of Milwaukee and make nice with folks in other cities? We’ve been consistently playing Milwaukee once or twice a month, and why not? It’s fun hanging out with great people and playing music in front of said people with my best friends. But, why not take a little break so that we can work on new material that will make said friends more excited to see us?

Juniper Ryan: When the idea of time off was brought up, we all just said, ‘why not?’. Why not take some time to replenish our song reserves so that our wonderful Milwaukee fans don’t have to hear the same damn (and by damn, I mean damn super) songs over and over again.

Jennifer O’Connor is a pretty big deal, but you’ve already gotten experience playing with big names such as Limbeck at Turner Hall Ballroom…you nervous? Why/why not?

Juniper Tuc: The good folks at Y-Not II asked us to play with O’Connor. Of course, we replied, “Why not?”. She has a pretty good following and we’re happy to welcome her to Milwaukee and why not get some of our fans to see her who don’t know of her. Nervous? I’m always a tad nervous, and a little drunk, too!

Juniper Aaron: Why be nervous? Why not be excited?!?! We practice twice a week and know our songs like the backs of our hands. It’s exciting to share the stage with other great musicians, introducing them to what we do!

The Y-Not II is known for popcorn, pinball and tap beer in a liter. Adding music seems like a ‘too good to be true’ deal. Why would anyone not want to see the show on Saturday? What could make it more perfect?

Juniper Tuc: Why not a free liter of Old Crow bourbon? That would make it perfect! I’m a huge pinball dork, and popcorn addict. and I like me some bourbon. So much so that last time I played pinball there I actually thought Pink Floyd was coming out of the pinball machine speakers. It wasn’t. Why not do your laundry next door, too!

Juniper Aaron: What would make it more perfect is if everyone reading this would call a dear friend (they must be nice friends), and say “Why not join me on a Saturday to hang out with a ton of really nice people, and listen to really nice music for a couple hours?” Why not make it more special by meeting someone that you don’t know in Milwaukee, who will most-likely buy you liters of beer and feed you popcorn?

Juniper Ryan: Perfect is perfect. You can’t get ‘more perfect’ until, of course, you do get more perfect. Like when the seemingly perfect product, Kleenex upped the perfect ante by adding lotion to their already perfect product. What could make Saturday’s show more perfect is a completely packed house to support Ms. O’Connor in her musical travels. I ask you all, “Why not come on down  to support a touring act, welcoming Jennifer to our humble city with open arms and liters of beer, and…oh, wait. What would make the night even more perfect is if I saw show-comers sneaking next door to do laundry in between sets. That would be hilarious, and well, a practical use of time! And you know what they say about practical laundry…

Juniper Tar and Jennifer O’Connor appear at the Y-Not II, 706 E. Lyon Street at 10 p.m.

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