Tour Diary: On the road with Ifihadahifi and White Wrench Conservatory

Our pals Ifihadahifi and White Wrench Conservatory are currently ripping it up Milwaukee-style touring out East. Each week, Ifihadahifi’s DJ Hostettler checks in with Fan-Belt and shares some of their antics from the road.

Mac’s in Lansing, Mich. with a pair of high school punk bands
Our last few shows at Mac’s were 21+ bar shows with sparse attendance, so it was a nice change of pace to play in front of a bunch of kidswho don’t have the jaded “seen it” attitude of so many aged rockersthat we’ve played in front of. After WWC charmed the kids at Mac’s, we blazed through a solid half-hour that saw the kids in attendance justlose their shit. It was fun as hell. It was especially gratifying to know that our friends in WWC got to watch a bunch of kids dance their asses off to our music. Slater called it thebest HiFi show he had ever seen, simply because of how the band and audience were feeding off each other for energy.

Pay from the door amounted to about $25 per band, but we’re still coasting on last night’s gas money, so no worries there. We packed upand made our way to Tom’s pad, where we were greeted with an incredible pasta dinner made by Tom’s girlfriend Ellen, a half-Bengal cat named Wally and Tom’s home-distilled liquor. Yeah. Tom owns a still. His “apple jack” booze is 120 proof and out of sight.

House Show in Indianapolis with We Are Hex and Small Arms Fire
Jilly from We Are Hex is someone we’ve known for seven years, ever since our first ever mini-tour, which took us to her home in Muncie, Ind. It’s always a treat to see her and play with one of her bands, andreally, that’s what this tour is about more than anything—getting to hang out with our friends from all over the eastern U.S. You know that scene in American Hardcore where the one dude is talking about how most normal people hear “San Diego” and think of the zoo, but because he was in a touring hardcore band, he hears the words “San Diego” and thinks of Battalion Of Saints? When I think of Indianapolis I think of We Are Hex.

This house show was a perfect “let’s help out some touring bands”storm of drunken locals lookin for a party, a surprisingly nice-sounding basement with a decent PA and local cops that apparently didn’t give a damn that a bunch of rambunctious punk kids were drinking in a yard on a Sunday evening in Indianapolis (a state where you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday because it’s the Lord’s day, and everyone knows the Lord hates Hamm’s and Milwaukee’s Best.)

Uncle Fester’s in Bloomington, Ind. with We Are Hex and Tremendous Fucking
Uncle Festers is part of a loose network of bars in Indiana that partakes in a series of shows called Punk Rock Night. There’s a bar in Indianapolis that does it on Saturday, and Festers does it on Monday. What this means is that Festers ALWAYS does good business on Monday nights,which is a blessing and a half for touring bands. And this night, whil enot quite as packed as previous HiFi Punk Rock Nights, was no different. Once again, WWC and we slammed through solid sets and sounded probablyas good as we have all tour, thanks to a killer sound system run by our pal Mike from the great Bloomington band Push-Pull.

After the show, I began my nightly post-show ritual of dutifullystanding by our merchandise in the hopes that a few drunk bar patrons actually liked our set enough to contribute to our gas fund by actually buying a CD or t-shirt. I believe as of day four of the tour, our total CD sales stand at around 5 copies. Ah well, i download as much as anyone else, so I shouldn’t bitch.

Stay tuned for more tour diaries from Ifihadahifi and White Wrench Conservatory.


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