TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Photo courtesy of Myspace
Thursday, October 9th
Southern Culture On The Skids @ Turner Hall Ballroom, 8 p.m. (1034 N. 4th Street)
Great SCOTS! (or, Southern Culture On The Skids). Beg our pardon for those who are not in the know. The Chapel Hill psychobilly three-piece hits Turner Hall Ballroom with their outrageous fried chicken and banana pudding fling-fest. Don’t expect this band to let themselves be the only ones to have all the fun. Their irreverent style will most likely find them dragging audience members onstage for a full-out dance party, SCOTS-style.

Photo by Andy ‘Junk’ Jungwirth
Friday, October 10th
Beach Patrol, Kinetic Friends & The Tony Sagger One Man Band @ Frank’s Power Plant, 10 p.m. (2800 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue)
Beach Patrol is Green Bay’s answer to The Figgs. They’re celebrating the release of their second album Riding Dinosaurs at Frank’s Power Plant on Friday, and it’s only fitting, for Milwaukee has been gladly welcoming these northern neighbors since their inception over six years ago. Beach Patrol’s newest, out on Duck On Monkey Records, is Midwest power-pop/garage rock at its finest. The show promises to be more than engaging, as the band are tried and true tour-ers — these boys may be young, but they’re certainly not green.

Image courtesy of Myspace
Saturday, October 11th
Kid, You’ll Move Mountains, Statehood & Maritime @ Stonefly, 10 p.m. (735 E. Center Street)
Kid, You’ll Move Mountains is an entertaining chemistry lesson, mixing former Midwestern bands (Milwaukee’s El Oso and Chicago’s Troubled Hubble, as well as DeKalb’s Inspector Owl).

Pleasing results are what KYMM are only capable of, and they have them to show in the form of a new CD, Loomings, out officially on October 10th in Chicago, and arriving in Milwaukee, the very next day, as they play Stonefly Brewery on Saturday. Expect the KYMM quintet to deliver a solid performance, as they ride high on the adrenaline that only a first release could produce.


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