canyonsofstatic Reveals The Disappearance

Image courtesy of Myspace

Interview by Laura Kezman

Music is as narrative as it is illustrative. It can illuminate, as does a painting or a work of literature, conjuring emotions that can only be found and defined by the listener. This type of instrumentation is a rarity that is able to stand alone with its strings and keys, still able to convey something new and unfamiliar. It is found in such recognizable names such as Austin, Texas’ Explosions in the Sky and Iceland’s Sigur Rós, but is usually not traced to places as unassuming as West Bend, WI. A band that not only embodies this sort of musical quality, but also showcases hidden Milwaukee-area talent goes by the name canyonsofstatic. It being three years since they picked up their instruments in a snow-covered garage in 2005, the four-member ensemble recently released their first full-length album The Disappearance. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming.

In what way do you use your music to tell a story?

The subject matter we had in mind is heavy and reflective of the times we live in. The decay of a civilization, the questioning of who we are and where we fit in globally as individuals and as a society, all the way down to love, death and family on a very personal level. But in the end, we always want people to take away their own meaning.

What were you listening to while recording this record?

I think everyone was listening to something different during the writing of this album. It took us two years to write and record so there were a lot of life changes going on…jazz like Miles Davis and Sun Ra all the way to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

What is it like to play ‘experimental’ music in West Bend?

It has been hard. Our family and friends don’t always get why there is no singer, but they have been coming around to it.

How has your songwriting evolved since the two previous self-released EP’s?

We got better at some things and worse at others. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. We made mistakes on this record that we won’t make on the next. We are constantly evolving…As of right now we are happy with The Disappearance and excited for the future, especially fleshing out the songs live.

The highly anticipated album release show for The Disappearance will take place this Friday night, October 10th at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee. Be there at 9:00 to take part in supporting the quality of local area talent, including opening bands Burbank Cartel and Patchwork.


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