Sex, Politics and Religion with Marcus Aurelius

Marc Cabanatuan, AKA Marcus Aurelius, is a Milwaukee house DJ/producer who cut his teeth dropping records and sexy house beats at clubs like Three and Taylor’s. Three years after breaking into the Milwaukee DJ scene, Marcus Aurelius has amassed an extensive production discography on the Soul Fuel Recordings label all of his tracks are available for downloading over at the default DJ MP3 site, Stompy. With a new EP out – Internal Affairs – it seemed like a great time to pick Aurelius’ brain about his music and sex, religion and politics.

Sex: “Well if I’m sexually frustrated (as a producer) and haven’t had ‘my fix’ for a long time, my music definitely reflects that! It ranges as far as the specifics go of that though. The sound could be anything from harder and faster driving beats to something smoother for the ladies on the dance floor. As a DJ it doesn’t matter. I am always going to rock the floor.”

Religion: “As a producer, I avoid using certain vocals or samples because of blatant use of profanity or anything that is going to cause a stir with other religions themselves. I’d rather stay neutral than misrepresent myself by making a track about another religion that I personally don’t share my beliefs in.”

Politics: “Politics don’t overtly affect my music (as of yet). I’m not trying to send out a message of one thing or another as far as what’s going on in the world or about a certain agenda. The only message I am sending is to ‘Get on the dance floor and shake your booty!’ Music being the universal language that unites us all.”

-Photo and interview by Erika J. Bock


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