TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Photo of Pale Young Gentlemen courtesy of Myspace
Thursday, October 2nd
Candliers, Pale Young Gentlemen, Heidi Spencer & The Rare Birds @ Mad Planet, 9 p.m. (533 E. Center Street)
Two orchestral bands (Pale Young Gentlemen and John The Savage) are set to grace Milwaukee’s smaller stages this weekend. First shot goes to Madison’s Pale Young Gentlemenwho employ french horns, harps, xylophones, pianos and flutes as the dominant noisemakers. Also playing:  the Candliers and Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds.

Photo of John The Savage courtesy of Myspace 

Friday, October 3rd
Call Me Lightning & Rahim @ Y-Not III, 6 p.m. (1854 E. Kenilworth)
Milwaukee’s Call Me Lightning and New York’s Rahim know what a genuine happy hour is complete with — cold beverages and music. This weekend will get its proper kick-start with these two bands, bent on turning an average weekend bender into quality time with quality music and proper energy to propel audience members into whatever the rest of the evening brings.

John The Savage, Father Phoenix & Lopan @ The Cactus Club, 10 p.m. (2496 S. Wentworth)
The other band with a shot at orchestral expertise this weekend is Milwaukee’s John The Savage. The band with a penchant for old-school balladeering, storied along by accordion, trumpet, violin and more gusto than a new Schlitz advertisement, is celebrating the release of their CD Kitchen Voodoo. Also playing:  Father Phoenix and Lopan.

Saturday, October 4th
Golden Boys, Spider Bags, Cars Can Be Blue, Plexi-3 & Sugar Stems @ Frank’s Power Plant, 9 p.m. (2800 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue)
Milwaukee’s Plexi-3 puts on one of the most energetic pop shows in the city, creating an insta-dance party with their classic triple-attack of guitar, bass and drums. Add boy-girl harmonies in the best of the 60s garage style, and this is a dance-party that will turn into a sing-along (albeit, shakily-voiced on the part of the audience who’ll be dual-tasking). With Golden Boys, Spider Bags, Cars Can Be Blue and Sugar Stems


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