Sex, Politics and Religion with Element Everest

Element Everest: “Someone has to be wrong. No one thinks they are, therefore everyone is.”
Image courtesy of Google Images

Fan-Belt contributor and resident DJ Erika J. Bock (aka Miss Erika Jean) asks Milwaukee artists how sex, religion and politics affects the way they make music.
This week’s subject is Element Everest, one-third of the now-defunct hip-hop band Black Elephant, female MC and producer.

Q: How does sex affect your music?
A: The fact that I’m a woman in a male dominated Industry Is a gift and a curse for me. Men always expect me to be the worst among all the rest of the emcees in the room. The great thing about it is that when I do open my mouth I get much more attention them the men do, because they expect me to be bad. When they do finally hear me not only do they love what they hear they want to work with me.
I often hear, you know, it’s a double standard. I think that’s bullshit because talent is talent no matter who you are or what you look like. It doesn’t matter if you have on a bikini of a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Q: How does religion affect you music?
A: I’m not a religious person so I am open-minded and I realize that you can’t separate the observer from what’s being observed. For example: We look up in the night sky and we see the big dipper. That becomes our truth; those cluster of stars look like the big dipper all the time. My question would then become: what do these stars look like if you’re sitting in the middle of them? They no longer look like the big dipper because you have a different view point. So the TRUTH is that we have no idea what look like apart from our limited vantage point. The same applies to all the great religions. We can’t see all sides so we have no idea what the truth is.

Q. How do politics affect your music?

A: I think the days of not talking politics are long gone thanks to the current events in the United States. 9/11, Obama, Hillary and Islam, Christianity have all become talking points of conversation. I am excited that young adults have become more stimulated in these areas. Other countries around the world never had the luxury of being in the dark because all the wars, plagues and hard times have always been their way of life. I am hoping that we as a country can grow up quick and catch up on the real world view. I often add these messages to my songs.


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