IfIHadAHiFi / White Wrench Conservatory "Search for Snufflegus" Tour 2008: Vol.1

Photo by Logan Jacobs

Milwaukee rock scene mainstays White Wrench Conservatory and IfIhadAHiFi (pictured) embarked on a three-week, 15-show tour over the weekend, playing their first date in Indianapolis this past Sunday; Bloomington, Ind. on Monday before heading to Columbus, Ohio en route toward the east coast. HiFi’s Dr. Awkward will be checking in from the road once a week until the band comes home in mid-October. st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) }

Howdy, y’all, DJ a.k.a. Dr. Awkward from IfIHadAHiFi here. The Fan-Belt folks for some reason have allowed me some space on their blog to distract you from more important Milwaukee music news to recap the tour we’re currently on with our partners in crime, White Wrench Conservatory. Currently we’re chilling in Bloomington, IN at the abode of our pal Rob from the tremendous Tremendous Fucking. Since today we discovered a suspicious thumping noise down by one of the wheels on the van that will need to be looked at tomorrow, I feel like now’s a good time to recap a phenomenal first day before unanticipated repair expenses ruin our damn mood. So! On with the show.

Fantastic first day. The drive was uneventful and a slew of buddies and pals were waiting for us in Chicago. Bear Claw are old friends of ours from their days in Carbondale, which they referenced onstage (“hey, remember when we played Bo Jr.’s in Carbondale and you threw your cymbal stand in the river?” Note: I was sick and that stand had been giving me shit, ok?). And Ellie Maybe and Dixie from WWC became fast friends at this year’s Steel Bridge Songfest in Sturgeon Bay, making the show just a big ol’ sick gross lovefest. Adding to the fun was the fact that the Brewers took game one of their season-ending series against the Cubs, putting the Crew a game up on the Mets for the NL Wild-Card. So obviously I needed to talk shit from the stage while proudly sporting a Milwaukee t-shirt.

We were also surprised by an appearance from the great Thax Douglas, Chicago poet about town and music scene mainstay. Thax is known for writing poems about rock bands and reading them before they play; the first time we met him was when he showed up at a show we played in Chicago in 2001 and asked to read a poem he wrote about us. Tonight he wanted to debut “IfIHadAHiFi #2” before our set, and obviously we obliged. Totally made my entire night. The set itself was pretty furious—we slammed through a solid mix of old and new songs, plus threw in our cover of Killdozer’s “The Buzzard” to give Yale some mischief time in the audience. Response was great, we played well, and Yale stuck his head through White Wrench Thom’s shirt and carried him on his back. Good times.

Tonight got us off on the right track financially, too–$120 for us and the same for White Wrench, which we knew would be the most we’d make for the next two days. After the show we made our way to Thom’s friend Mark’s place for late night wine and Mexican food. A certain adult-themed video in Mark’s possession entitled Bring Back the Pussy 8 has now fueled approximately three straight days of horrible n-stage banter and in-van jokery. It’s hard argue with packaging plastered with phrases like “whatever happened to good old-fashioned pussy fucking?” and “what about girls who don’t do anal? They need to work too!” With logic that difficult to refute, how can you go wrong?

Final Night 1 Tally: Bottles of wine consumed between two bands: 4

Stories above ground Slater from WWC puked off of outside the apartment: 4

Number of “Bring Back the Pussy” jokes told: approximately 25.


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