Review: Five points on Ratatat at Turner Hall

image courtesy of GoogleImages
Former MKE music beat writer Lilledeshan Bose moonlights at Fan-Belt, offering up five reasons why Monday night’s Ratatat show at Turner Hall was a slice of hipster heaven.

1. Ratatat is to 2007 what MGMT is to 2008. Both bands have the same flash-in-the pan appeal that hipsters love for one second and spurn the next. Which explained the plethora of 14-year-olds in headbands and lack of actual tastemakers in the audience. Still, the show was almost SOLD OUT.

2. Which was good, because Ratatat actually has some good tunes. I originally thought it was a duo — programmer/synthesizer Evan Mast plus guitarist Mike Stroud — but there were three people onstage last night playing electronic dance music that was somewhat reminiscent of a Gothic church choir, or an Iron Maiden concert.

3. Ratatat also had good on-stage projection art, a pastiche of celebrities and pop culture icons animated in garish colors. At some point I told my friend that I wished they had animated Bible stories so I could get the stories without actually watching it.

4. I do wish they had a drummer; many of the songs, I felt, could’ve been playing straight from my iPod. Other than the crowd and the projections, the show had that straight-up, studio-produced feel to it. There was not much room for improv, and while Ratatat’s songs are probably not the best material to translate to a live setting, a real drummer could’ve alleviated that feeling.

5. It was a concise set that sped by– which is always a good gauge of how much fun I’m having at a show. By the time the last song was on, I felt like they had only been playing for an hour.

-Lilledeshan Bose


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