TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!


Photo of The Nice Outfit by Scott Winklebleck
Thursday, September 18th
The Detroit Cobras/Jail/The Nice Outfit @ Mad Planet, 10 p.m. (533 E. Center Street)
The Detroit Cobras are *yes*, one of those…a cover band. Lower those raised eyebrows and open those ears and eyes, for this is one cover band that knows how to entertain show-goers like no other. Expect debauchery in varying degrees. Debauchery, loud guitars and raunchily growled vocals. Local openers Jail and The Nice Outfit better be ready to warm up the stage properly. Undoubtedly, they’ll hold their own just fine.

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Friday, September 19th
Forward Music Fest:  Various Artists, Various Venues, Madison, WI
The coordinators behind Madison’s first annual Forward Music Fest completely (and thankfully) have outdone themselves — national and local acts will be dotted throughout various Madisonian venues for two days showcasing both the near and the far. Neko Case, Killdozer, Flosstradamus, Giant Sand, Decibully, Screaming Cyn Cyn & the Pons, His and Her Vanities and way more than is humanly possible to see in a two day time-span, will all be present.  Fan-belt blog will have the full tutorial on FMF for tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out the lineup *here*. FMF is affordable (a $25 general admission wristband gives access to all eight venues both Friday and Saturday) and a lot closer in approximation, than say, SXSW?

Image courtesy of Myspace
Saturday, September 20th
Deastro/Geocash/Alethio @ The Borg Ward, 7 p.m. (823 W. National Avenue)
Detroitian Deastro (dubbed as ‘German/Italian pop’) create recorded sounds that are upbeat and not afraid of the occasional dark synth. Will Deastro’s live performance live up to the geeked-out sounds made immortal via sound recording? Only one way to find out — see the man responsible behind Deastro (Randolph Chabot) live, along with Geocash, featured in a former Fan-belt post *here* and Madison natives, Alethio. Pop is not all sunshine and lollipops anymore. It’s smoke and laserbeams from here, on forth.

…AND *an addendum*!

You, readers, called it. Fan-belt  doesn’t want to pass up the opportunity to give a heads’ up to this:

Friday, September 19th & Saturday, September 20th
Activities (Recordings) fest:  Various Artists @ Linneman’s 9 p.m. (1001 E. Locust Street)
We don’t want to miss out on this, either, that’s why we’re giving you the last-minute report. Activities (Recordings) is throwing a two-day music fest of their own. Who needs to go to Madison for FMF when scores of awesome bands are playing right here, at Linneman’s? Here’s the line-up:

The Candliers
The Trusty Knife
The Elusive Parallelograms

Farms in Trouble
John the Savage
Pigs on Ice


2 Responses to “TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    saturday at linneman’s (farms in trouble, john the savage, freight, pigs on ice) is going to be better than deastro/alethio/geocash.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    no that show ruled and there were about 5 people there. thanks alot asshole

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