Water + Electrical Equipment Really Does = Fun!

Photo of Disguised as Birds by Dan Agacki

The local bands that rocked the block on Kinnickinnic Avenue Saturday morning made walking around in rain-soaked socks and underwear an unbelievably enjoyable experience. Fan-belt contributor Dan Agacki braved soggy conditions covering this years’ Bay View Bash from start to finish:

Small town Wisconsin runs through my veins. My first 18 years on this planet were spent concocting an exit strategy. In the nine years since abandoning my hometown for the big city, I have realized how much I still carry pieces of that tiny town with me. Growing up, every summer was littered with various Firemen’s Picnics and ended with the County Fair. My friends and I would wade through crowds of people, seeking fun. Lifelong music connoisseur that I am, the live bands always sucked me in.

In the two years that I have attended the Bayview Bash it’s felt like a bit of home. Wandering through crowds of people as they drink beer and eat grilled meats, I’ve been in that place before. As with so many of my younger summers, my attention turns to the live music. Bill and Dan at Rush-mor Records have consistently provided the public with a multitude of quality local bands. It warms my heart to know that I can attend a community festival and not be sonically bludgeoned by terrible bands playing Top 40 hits.

Running late, as usual, I scrambled to the Rush-mor stage to find not a whole lot of activity going on. Somehow it never occurred to me that rainfall could cause delays in outdoor events. Hours passed and we waited for something to happen. My enthusiasm dwindled. Gone. Resentment of obligation emerged. Why did I volunteer to do this stupid write-up anyway? As I sat on the curb, cursing nature, Cry Coyote took the stage. Hadn’t heard of them previously. Their cowpunk sound drew me in. They’re a punk band first and foremost, but the songs contain the darkness and desolate sound of early country. I know that it’s high accolades to mention them in the same breath as The Gun Club, but it’s warranted. Hopefully these guys stick around and put out some records.

With a little shuffling of the running order, Disguised As Birds took the stage next. I’ll admit that a small part of my attraction to them was based on the merits of some of their previous bands. The main thing that reeled me in though was the chance to watch Kevin DeMars play drums. The guy’s a powerhouse, the kind of drummer that I could sit back and watch all day. Really, it’s a solid band all around. They all exude energy as they play. At times the vocal interplay reminded me of Fugazi, but I couldn’t shake the Giants Chair comparison out of my head. When it comes to math-y indie rock, Disguised As Birds are sitting atop the local heap.

Next up was a band that I knew absolutely nothing about, Powers. Since I knew nothing about them, I assumed they were going to be bad. I’m happy to report that they’re a solid band. Tuneful and fast pop punk that falls toward the Fat Wreck Chords style, but is by no means as bad as that tag usually implies. The Avail cover was a nice touch too.

As nightfall was upon us, The Speed Freaks took the stage. If there was a single reason that I was at the Bayview Bash, The Speed Freaks were it. They’re one of those bands that I make an attempt to see whenever they play because their shows are always great. Saturday was no different. One metallic hardcore song after another, it was well worth the wait. By the looks of the moshing crowd, I’m sure plenty would agree with me.

All in all, it was a long day, but I was glad I went. It was good to see so many people stick it out through the periodic rain showers coming down. I came away with a positive feeling about the Bash. Living in a city this large it’s easy to feel alienated, so it was nice to watch a community pull together and have a good time. Hopefully the Bayview Bash continues on for years to come.


One Response to “Water + Electrical Equipment Really Does = Fun!”

  1. Dan Celebrity Says:

    “Next up was a band that I knew absolutely nothing about, Powers. Since I knew nothing about them, I assumed they were going to be bad.”

    So much for proof reading. Can’t believe I missed that!

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