TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Activities are not just something to participate in — they are also a local collective!

Friday, August 29th
Quinn Scharber and The Hussy/Roses @ Stonefly, 10 p.m.
(735 E. Center Street)

As hordes of revving engines and bearded and booted men and women swarm the City of Milwaukee like leather-clad locusts, two fearless bands have chosen to play amidst the mayhem, battling rev’s with reverbs and wheelies with spritely two-steps and wind-milled power chords, Quinn Scharber and co. and Roses are a brave pop army, indeed.

Saturday, August 30th
Activities Records Presents:  Audio/Visual Pt. 1 @ Bremen Cafe, 9 p.m.
(901 E. Clarke Street)

Activities Records is one of those intense-in-a-good-way entities. Experience this good intensity on Saturday when they present a multimedia presentation featuring 16 mm short films, live music and new illustrated works by Travis Hi, Liz Brophy and Kathryn Wilson at 9 p.m. as the opener. Stick around for the most bands to play on one of the smallest stages in our city:  Farms in Trouble, The Trusty Knife, The Clams, Nothing in That Drawer and Dear Astronaut. Go also to catch news about The Trusty Knife’s upcoming new album…a sneak peek for everyone on Friday!

Sunday, August 31st
Sunday Survivor Fest, 2 p.m.-
(corner of Fratney and Locust, Riverwest)

Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Survive whatever you choose this weekend, but the prize is the same for everyone:  awesome live music. Here’s the lineup:

4 p.m. Jon Burks Band (members of John the Savage)



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