Confused Musicians Need Apply…

“Hoo boy…I’ve got a guitar and a four-track…what am I missing?”

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So, this is the Information Age, but for a new musician, too much information and not enough explanation can make everything that much more confusing. Add bandmates to the mix, and you’ve got too much information + too many confused people = not too much of a fun time.

Luckily, a condensing of this vast potential wasteland of information will be coming to a Milwaukee near you, disseminating everything one oh-so musically inclined needs to know to be put at ease in a seemingly howling musical wilderness…

This Saturday, 91.7 FM, WMSE Milwaukee, is hosting their first-annual Musician Symposium at the Todd Wehr Conference Center, where there will be more time than at a meet-and-greet to ask those Five W’s and other V.I.Q.’s.

According to…

…”WMSE knows how hard it is to be a successful band, so as part of the 1st Annual MSE Fest, we are giving you the tools you need to make the right decisions. Join us from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 23rd, for a musician’s symposium where you, the Milwaukee musician, will have access to the people you need to know to be successful in the music biz. You’ll get face time with record labels, concert promoters, music writers, press people, booking agents, music store owners, CD printers and more…

…The event is completely free to ALL local musicians with food and refreshments served, and will happen at the Todd Wehr Conference Center (1047 N. Broadway on the campus of MSOE)”…

And what would a proper conference be without panel members? ‘Fonts of knowledge’ are as follows:

Blaine Schultz: Music Writer (The Shepherd Express)
Brian Douglas: Cream City Music / The Compound
Bruno Johnson: Label (Okka Disc)
Chris Langkamp: CD Duplicator (Sooper Dooper)
Deone Jahnke: Music Photographer, Artist
Elliot Hill: Cascio Interstate Music
Kristan Harris: Label Owner (SnapDragon Records)
Marc Solheim: Concert Promoter (Pabst/Riverside/Turner Hall)
Shane Hochstetler: Studio Owner (Howl Street Recordings)
Steve Hyden: Press (The Onion)


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