Photo and words by:  Lilledeshan Bose

Well, so fine. This post is not exactly ‘timely’ in the eyes of the journalistic world, but being timely doesn’t always equate success, even in the brash, competitive world of ‘oh! me, first! look at me! me! look at me!’. What is important here, is that the original story gets told in the first place…or last place, or whatever place it falls into. ‘nough being said, The Glamour were kind enough to share their partying style tips with the rest of the flocks of the particular breed of music vampire, forever un-satiated, that attended Lollapalooza in Chicago. Fan-belt is glad to be one with the flock of vampires, and call attention to this awesome pair of pure party-pop purveyance, who will create a new kind of pallor, alone, from the effects of their non-stop dance parties. They’ll call the shots and we’ll just call them irresistible. Lilledeshan Bose explains why:

Milwaukee locals Asher Gray, 25, and Richard Galling, 23, better known as DJ duo The Glamour, were really late additions to the Lollapalooza lineup. In July, their friend and head of the event organizers Crossfader King Matt Roan asked them to play a set at Grant Park — four months after the initial lineup was initially announced.

Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine and Kanye West headlined the event, which sold out with 75,000 people attending each of the three days.

Although The Glamour is signed to Calamity Jane Recordings, and it was an URB ‘Next 100’ artist pick, Gray and Galling both consider Lollapalooza their biggest gig so far. “It’s bigger than Summerfest, and it’s crazy,” Gray said. Along with Coachella in California, and Bonnaroo in Tennessee and South by Southwest in Austin,” (Lollapalooza) was definitely my goal,” Gray said.

At the last Sunday show at Lollapalooza, The Glamour played to a scant crowd at 11:45 a.m. at Perry’s, a tent dedicated to DJs. But that didn’t diminish the duo’s excitement — or energy. During their hour-long set, they roused dancers with originals such as “Kidz Night” and “Respect the Party”, mixed with party hits such as Estelle’s “American Boy”.

As artists, Gray and Galling got to watch Friday’s headliners, Radiohead, from backstage. Chromeo, Flosstradamus and Nine Inch Nails were also on their must-see list. Other perks included free water and beer, “so we can get drunk and not get dehydrated, and die,” Galling, said, laughing.

Last month, the Glamour deejayed at Summerfest. The difference?  

“You can’t really compare it.” The music at Lollapalooza is just more focused towards the demographic. Summerfest is all-ages, and there’s more entertainment,” Galling said.

Performing at Lollapalooza is definitely a big deal. “When I came down here on Friday, I was like, whoa. Our name is up there on that screen,” Gray said, pointing to the main stage, where Radiohead, Kanye West and Rage Against the Machine performed. 

“That’s awesome.”


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