TGIT: Our Weekend Picks!

Goodnight Loving at Bar Lulu courtesy of

The weekend is always a lucrative time for mining extracurriculars in the city of Milwaukee. This particular one is no exception. We’re throwing you a handful of choices — try to catch at least one:

• Stalled by Lagers @ The Borg Ward, 7 p.m.
(823 W. National Avenue)

Fan-belt cohort Jamie Baird describes tonight’s event as thus:

“It is nice to live in Milwaukee and have access to one of the premiere metropolitan areas in our country without having to deal with the traffic, crime and cost of living issues that they do. Oh, and we don’t have to live in Illinois. AND we don’t have to be Cubs OR Bears fans. We have our own identity and style. The musicians and underground venues in Milwaukee are tireless in their efforts to make sure no one can ever whine and say ‘I’m bored’, here. Milwaukee is a pro at throwing a party together last minute. Our hospitality is second to few. The resourcefulness and energy in our music and art communities is astounding.

In continuing the annual tradition of hosting a post-Mauled by Tigers fest bbq/show, Milwaukee has once again shown how much more insane and amazing we are over Chicago by basically bringing the majority of the festival here with an almost fully-formed parallel universe with THREE ‘Stalled by Lagers’ shows this week. My mind is blown!

…Mauled by Tigers is in its third year, as is the MKE version, and also, the fest donates proceeds to the Donor Choose Program and the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Also, the local bands playing are: Lefty Loosie, Chinese Telephones, Beach Patrol and Tenement“.

Here is the lineup for Milwaukee’s tonight’s version of Mauled by Tigers (Stalled by Lagers), at the Borg Ward, complete with Jamie’s descriptive sidenotes:

7 p.m. The Shame Holes
(another summer fun group with members of Rapid Adapter!)

7:30 p.m. Rock, Paper, Stupid
(ATL and Chattanooga mash-up, weird pop-punk)

8:15 p.m. ADD/C
(amazingly well-crafted songs of pop-punk from da ‘Noog)

9 p.m. The Frustrations
(rhythm-heavy, Detroit rock n’ roll-punk on X! Records)

9:45 p.m. The Future Virgins
(ex-Sexy and more bands than I can remember…)

10:30 p.m. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
(you know them, you love them…Pensacola!)

• Jail / Catacombs of Rome / The Dials (Cd release party)
@ Cactus Club, 10
(2496 S. Wentworth)

Although the main event of the evening highlights Chicago’s guitar/farfisa one-two pop punch
The Dials‘ with their release of new album Amoeba Amore, the night belongs to the locals, Jail and Catacombs of Rome, who will be on hand to not just steal the show. They’ll own it. Expect an interesting but excellent mix of everything from post-punk to pop to garage. This is the way a proper show ought to be.

• The Goodnight Loving / Call Me Lightning / Uh Oh
@ Cactus Club, 10
(2496 S. Wentworth)

Another good example of an old-school variety show is the exciting linking of local garage (or melodramatic popular song as their Myspace page claims), punk rock and straight up punk. The joining of forces
The Goodnight Loving, Call Me Lightning and Uh Oh is going to make for one entertaining evening, and it’s a good precursor to the glory of The Goodnight Loving’s official record release set for September.

• Rockerbox Motorcycle Show and Street Party
@ Center Street in Riverwest, all day

This all day event will more than meet one’s daily requirements of cycles and music. Check out bikes from Japan, the States, Europe and their corresponding owners. Be sure to bring a camera. The open road and music have never been better paired, and this particular party at least lets the road warrior rest and kick back and enjoy the musical scenery with performances by Protestant, The Response and Summertime Dudes for starters. For those non-rester-kicker-backers, kick it into full-party mode. After all, you will have a helmet. And of course, there will be more helmet-heads than a grade-school photoshoot. Start out at the Official Ride to Rockerbox and stick around ’til the Bike Show awards…



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