Orchis bloody Orchis

Mother Orchis might carry their namesake from the Greek word for ‘orchid‘, but where the similarity lies is anyone’s guess — Milwaukee’s latest pros in the dark arts of music are not anything like the delicate flora they gain their seemingly tough name from. Fortunately for them, the music they crash through the local soundscape is assaulting enough to make it seem like the very orchids their band represents are only clothed in the toughest shade of bruised purple.

Fan-belt was curious to find out how this new bruiser of a band took root. Their first show is tonight, and undoubtedly, they will be new music to pretty much everyone’s ears, so here is the background so you don’t have to dig up the news for yourself (the gardening references will stop, too. promise).

Fan-belt Erin: So, who’s in the band?

Kevin DeMars (guitarist):
Jesus (drums), Rochelle (bass), Matt (guitar/vocals), Kevin (guitar).

Fan-belt Erin: What other bands have you all played in, or are playing in?

Kevin: Jesus used to drum for The Response, I’ve been playing drums with Disguised as Birds for a handful of years, this is Roach’s first band (which has helped keep things fresh and new for all of us), and Matt is a shredder from way back, who decided it was about time to play in a band again. He hadn’t been in one, proper, since his high school days.

Fan-belt Erin: And how long have you been playing together?

Kevin: Three to four months? Jesus and Rochelle had a few different names and people they were trying to get together for quite a while before that, so you’d have to ask them how they interpret it age-wise.

Fan-belt Erin: In a few words, describe your sound…

Kevin: Outwardly projecting, electrically dependent…not real good at this…you get the picture…etc.

Fan-belt Erin: I’ve noticed a lot of sound references on your Myspace page mentioning Black Sabbath. Would you agree with this viewpoint?

Kevin: I would say that’s fair. There’s always got to be a common starting point. In fact, Jesus wrote the first three songs all in one night after going on a Sabbath listening binge, so sure. I don’t know if that’s privileged information or not, though. Hopefully, in time, we can expand on that.

Fan-belt Erin: You’ve got quite a few songs, already…any more in the works? Any plans to record the ones you’ve got so far?

Kevin: Actually, we only have four songs, but one clocks in at about twelve minutes. It’s kind of become our saving grace. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have enough material for a show at this point.

Check out the twelve-minute song glory of Mother Orchis as they open for Northless, Herds and Malachi (also, this is Malachi’s last show for 2008!). Show takes place at Frank’s Power Plant, located at 2800 South Kinnickinnic Avenue, Bay View, 10 p.m.


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