Jayme Dawicki this Friday at Turner Hall Ballroom

Normally, we wouldn’t dream of putting a clip from The Real World: Hollywood on our site. But this particular clip, from the show’s most recent season, features a song from Milwaukee songbird Jayme Dawicki‘s most recent album, Shatter Queen. The same album she released earlier this year, a few months before the song (“Paper Dolls”) made its television debut.

Not a bad way to keep an album’s momentum going.

This Friday, the WAMI Award-winning singer brings her beautiful pop songbook to Turner Hall Ballroom, opening for Illinois-born, SoCal-based supermegastar, Ferras. It’s Dawicki’s last Milwaukee show before she heads out on the road to conquer the West Coast (click here for tour dates), so if you haven’t caught her live yet, now’s your chance. Tickets are only $9.45, courtesy of 94.5 WKTI, and Dawicki takes the stage at 8 PM.

For more info on Friday’s show, visit the Turner Hall Ballroom page here. And to hear more of Dawicki’s music, visit her MySpace page.


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