MORE stuff to do this weekend! We ask: Can You Handle It?

According to my writer-pal Milan’s previous post, there is an absolute crapload of stuff for Milwaukeeans and non-Milwaukeeans to absorb this weekend (which incidentally, starts now for you non-working, shirk-er types).

For those who really LIKE to EAT (seeing it as more fun than functional), there are a couple opportunities to do so and listen to music simultaneously (actually more difficult than the walking and chewing gum cliche, but still manageable)…

Brady Street Festival featuring Cheesefest: Just mention the word ‘cheese’ to anyone brought up in Wisconsin, and you get a nostalgia and genuine affection reaction reserved for dear family members or childhood pets. See for yourself at the Brady Street Festival, where there will be an homage to our waxy food friend, cheese, and a final farewell to local musical phenoms, The Wildbirds.

German Fest: Dachshund racing, bratwurst, bratwurst, bratwurst, bier and random lederhosen and dirndl sightings. You like accordions? Awesome. You’re going to hear ’em in your sleep after attending this accordion-filled ethnic festival on Milwaukee’s lakefront. Visit *here* for more information, and be sure to click on the music schedule page. Every time it opens, an accordion plays for a millisecond. Impressive and strangely addictive.

Yesterday, we also mentioned the occurrence of the PBR Street Party and The Secret Chiefs 3 with The Demix and Wooden Robot. If that wasn’t enough musical entertainment to make you get out a pencil out and write stuff down, here are a few more local-ers that are playing out that are scribble-worthy: The Trusty Knife with Big Fun and Crappy Dracula at The Cactus Club tonight, The Nice Outfit at Linneman’s on Saturday, and the lineup of The Goodnight Loving, Uptown Savages, Sugar Stems, Sharapova and The Get Drunk DJ’s at Liquor Sweets (3000 South 13th St.) for the Second Annual MS Benefit Show and Silent Auction, where the proceeds will go to benefit the MS 150 Bike Ride from Waukesha to Whitewater to Madison coming up August 2 and 3. Help out your community and support your local bands by being an attendee.

Looking at your list (which I’m very sure you’ve got in your hand right now), it’s obvious that Milwaukee is going to be an overwhelmingly entertaining place to be this weekend, so, why not stay put and enjoy the local goings-on? There will be other times to visit your second cousin, twice-removed, go white-water rafting, have a John Hughes marathon or try your hand at canning vegetables. This is not the weekend. Although, I wouldn’t begrudge anyone going up to West Bend for the Washington County Fair. Did you see the lineup? It’s your choice. Happy weekend, Milwaukee!

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