White, Wrench Conservatory @ Cactus Club Tomorrow

photo of White, Wrench, Conservatory by Logan Jacobs

If you are one of the several Milwaukeeans that does not plan to revel in mimes, croissants, wine and even mimes miming drinking wine and eating croissants this weekend at Bastille Days, take refuge from the melee of culture at the Cactus Club this Saturday, July 12th at 10 p.m. with the soothing balm of rock music provided by Milwaukee’s own White, Wrench, Conservatory and Father Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio’s Lollipop Factory.

White, Wrench, Conservatory is currently planning a cross-country tour, gracing non-Milwaukeeans with their pensive melodies, Father Phoenix has been busy righteously and loudly playing the hell out of Milwaukee and Lollipop Factory is probably going to blow some faces off with their insane mix of heavy guitars, drums and crazy choral-ish vocals. Who needs mimes for entertainment?

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