Summerfest Snapshots: Juniper Tar and The Celebrated Workingman, 6/30/08

Have you gotten to go to the mother of all Milwaukee’s summer festivals? If not, consider being one of the many ‘getting their Summerfest on’, taking in local and non-local music, the moving scenery and more varieties of french fries than you can shake a bottle of ketchup at. One of the highlights of the festival this year by far is the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Garage Stage, co-sponsored by The Shepherd Express and 91.7 FM, WMSE, featuring local, original music. For the next four days, you can catch Cougar Den, Get Rad, Time Since Western, Sleeping in the Aviary, Atlatl, The Candliers, The Championship, The Cocksmiths and Flights. Last Monday saw the pleasing combination of Juniper Tar and The Celebrated Workingman, playing back-to-back, even swapping bandmates, reveling in cymbal crashing, four-part harmonies, wind-milled guitars, skilled tambourine-ing and headstands. Yep. Well, attempted headstands (unfortunately, not caught on film)…but you can try this at home without fear of injury or getting a beverage sloshed into your socks.
Photos by Erin Wolf

Chris Demay, Jason Mohr: Juniper Tar

Ryan Schleicher, Aaron Schleicher: Juniper Tar

Tuc Krueger, Jason Mohr, Aaron Schleicher, Chris Vos: Juniper Tar

Jason Mohr, Aaron Schleicher: Juniper Tar

Chris Vos: The Celebrated Workingman

Mark Waldoch, Charlie Hosale, Gavin Rice: The Celebrated Workingman

Nathan McNichols: The Celebrated Workingman

Fans! Plus, Chris Vos and Mark Waldoch! The Celebrated Workingman

Justin Krol: The Celebrated Workingman…bids you farewell ’til next year…


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