Here Should Be My Home. (or, It’s Easy To Forget The Winter With A Summer Like This.)

By Brian Whitney

Although it’s certainly taking its time getting here, this is, technically, summer, and one of the many features of a Milwaukee summer is the near constant stream of outdoor festivals. It seems like every weekend there’s a street or ethnicity being celebrated, usually by drinking in the afternoon and eating grilled food on a stick. One newcomer to the festival circuit that should be pretty popular with local music/beer aficionados is the Pabst Blue Ribbon Street Festival, which is being held at the corner of Potter and Logan Streets in Bayview on July 26th from 12 to 8 pm.

The fest is the brainchild of Christian Houtman, who is Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Milwaukee representative. “I wanted to do an event that is kind of a thank you to everyone out there who drinks PBR. Milwaukee is a big block party city and I think it will be fun to just have a day of PBR, music, and fun.” If you’re like me, and I would estimate that a good percentage of Fan-belt’s readership are in some way, the phrase “count me in” just popped into your head. The best part is, the more specifics I hear, the better this party gets.

Firstly, the music: there are some pretty impressive bands playing. The headliner is none other than the Detroit Cobras (the only non-locals playing, but this can be forgiven once you hear their infectious brand of garage rock.) Opening up are Milwaukee hip hop mainstays Rusty Ps (whose DJ, Madhatter, will be spinning throughout the day), John the Savage, Juiceboxxx, Year of the Scavenger and Freight. That’s one of the more solid show lineups I’ve seen in a while, and even without getting into the rest of the festivities there is definitely something in the lineup of bands for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the music, there will be $2 PBR available for the duration of the festival, and Comet will be catering as well. There will be a dunk tank, a bean bag tossing contest between various PBR-sponsored bars to determine the winner of the “Pabst Cup”, and a veritable ton of Pabst-related swag being given away.

I know July 26th seems a ways off, but make sure you mark your calendars, take off of work, and do whatever you need to do to find yourself at the PBR Street Festival. Any event that wants to celebrate good local music and a great local product is alright in my book. At the very least, it’ll be an excuse to get drunk and dance about 12 hours earlier than you normally would, and for about a quarter of the cost. Nice.

Editor’s revised note: Earlier, we had no idea what the URL was. Then, someone found it. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do that cool thing bloggers do, where they strike a line through all the text that has since been corrected. So, just enjoy the Pabst Blue Ribbon Street Party’s MySpace page.

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