The Identity Theft this Saturday. Twice!!

All set, and ready to steal your ears. The Identity Theft is finally complete and ready to break the scene with their raw indie-rock edge Singer Martin Moore brings an emotional immediacy to the already dynamic and attention-grabbing music lying underneath it. There is so much energy between these musicians, and so much feeling poured into the beating heart of each tune, that the first listen must be made at the edge of your seat. In each song there is the fear of losing control, of something breaking, but The Identity Theft knows how to keep themselves roped in. Rather than going to that extreme of self-indulgent emo/screamo bands, they resolve to rely on the space between. This is the kind of music where more is said when less is said. The songs range from chugging guitars and thudding drums, to thoughtful arpeggios and intricate shuffles.

The guys have this to say about their music: “We believe music does so much for so many people, and all we want to do is give something back to the scene, for what it has done for us.” The Identity Theft has played with bands all over the country, including: Hush Hush, Commotion, Flowers For Dorian, The Killer Apathy, Bandcamp, and Truth In Fiction.

I’m anxious to hear where this band is going. With the addition of piano/synth player Ryan Day, the emotional landscape of each song has the capacity to reach the heights that The Identity Theft has been striving for, while maintaining the edge that makes them unique.

Check out The Identity Theft on June 28th on The Refugee Stage at Summerfest at 4PM, or later that night at Stonefly Brewery with the former Milwaukee natives Truth in Fiction.

Take a listen:

The Identity Theft – “Pent Up Held Down”

The Identity Theft – “Shut Out the World”

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2 Responses to “The Identity Theft this Saturday. Twice!!”

  1. The Identity Theft Says:

    Thanks for the review!

    xox | t h e i d e n t i t y t h e f t

  2. Big Andy Says:

    You’re welcome!

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