There’s no reason why you can’t drive North to the Steel Bridge Songfest this weekend!

By brand-new Fan-Belter DJ Hostettler

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for some time now. Quite some time. See, this weekend is “The Freaks Descend on Door County and Spook the Squares” weekend, otherwise known as the fourth annual Steel Bridge Songfest. The fest was started by the Bay’s favorite son, Pat mAcDonald (who as of this moment wins the “Best Linked URL in Fan-Belt History” Award that I just made up), as an attempt to raise money to protect the old, deteriorating Michigan Street Steel Bridge, which, thanks to past festivals, has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places, according to this week’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel piece on the fest.

But you know what? Blah blah friggin’ blah. If you want to learn the history of the Steel Bridge, you can read up on it yo’ damnedable self at the fest’s website, Me, hey, I’m all for saving the bridge, but that’s not why I’m excited for the weekend.

Is it because my silly little band gets to take a road trip up to Door County to play a rock show for unsuspecting peninsula-dwellers? Yeah, that’s part of it.

Is it because we’ll get to hobnob, rub shoulders, and do shots with the likes of Jackson Browne, Victor DeLorenzo, Martin Jack Rosenblum and—schwing—Jane Fracking Wiedlin of the Go-Gos? That’s a pretty big part of it, yeah.

Is it all the free vodka Red Bulls they pour for the bands behind the main stage? Hey, rock stardom has its privileges.

But mostly, I’m excited because we’ll be hanging out in gorgeous door county with great pals from Milwaukee like Quinn Scharber and the Scharber? I Hardly Know Her!, King’s Horses, Juniper Tar, White Wrench Conservatory, and our Madison buds Whore du Jour (aka Jane Wiedlin’s Wisconsin Backing band, No Shit). It’s like going on tour with the whole scene!

And if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll snap off a few ridiculous photos like this shot of us with the immortal Jackson Browne last year:

Ya know, it’s not too late for you to plan a last-minute excursion up nort’ for this ridiculousness. Check the Steel Bridge website for ticket information and schedule (and pay close attention to that show at Cherry Lanes on Saturday night, won’t you? Of course you won’t).

Watch out, vacationing FIBs! We’re comin’ for YOU!

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3 Responses to “There’s no reason why you can’t drive North to the Steel Bridge Songfest this weekend!”

  1. Mother Father Chinese Dentist Says:

    don’t miss party ubu.

  2. jebreject Says:

    All of your links are wonky.

  3. Big Andy Says:

    My band Spiral Trance played Steel Bridge last night. We had an awesome time!

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