Vinyl-Mania Strikes Best Buy = Time to Buy Your Younger Siblings Some Record Crates

Surprise, surprise: vinyl has gone back to the mainstream. The digital frenzy is still going strong, but perhaps the technological overload has given audiophile’s ears nervous twitches instead of perking them up.

Vinyl has been slowly making a comeback among mainstream music consumers, and it’s being noticed by Nielsen SoundScan. According to a recent article that appeared on, “…based on the first three months of this year, Nielsen says vinyl album sales could reach 1.6 million in 2008…”. Once reserved for record collectors, music nerds and DJ’s, now is being eagerly sought after by everyone from little brothers to big-deal folks in business suits. The big deal is that the vinyl being purchased by music consumers is that it’s not the dusty copies of The Who and Rod Stewart they’re after, or even that mint condition set of Nirvana LP’s released in Japan, but brand-new, freshly-minted ‘licorice pizza’ from the likes of older stuff such as Marvin Gaye to the latest and local. Black, clear, blue, hot pink, printed and paired with extensive liner notes, the LP is a thing of beauty to hold and to appreciate. Also, where these albums are purchased is another big deal — Amazon and Best Buy are regularly stocking and selling.

Locals have known the usual hot spots to scoop up newer stuff and re-issues have been the independent record stores: Atomic Records, The Exclusive Company, Rush-Mor, etc. and of course, at shows. The interesting change in LP Land is that the next venture into Best Buy might find not only an eighteen year old with an Against Me! album, but Grandma, browsing through the stacks, looking to score a sweet, brand-new Ella Fitzgerald compilation.

Check out a link to the full story on *here*.

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