Into Arcadia’s Otto Ohlsson has taken the un-shiny parts of his past, exorcised them and studied them into songs, using his own love of bands such as Joy Division and Doves, and artists such as Nick Drake to fuel the creation of his band Into Arcadia’s first EP Maps for Children. Ohlsson and his band mates are finally able to share this cathartic collection of songs outside of the practice space and studio as their EP’s recent release is only days ago.

Otto Ohlsson (vox, guitar), Kenny Buesing (guitar, keyboards), Zac Weiland (drums) and Wes Falk (bass, vox) have played together for a short amount of time, but from the driving, polished-but-pretty sounds of their first recording, it would be anyone’s guess. With merely a couple of local shows under their belts, most recently at The Ring, Into Arcadia is eager to generate more live shows and meet more local bands. Ohlsson, a transplant from Manchester, is impressed with the Milwaukee music scene, and finds Milwaukee a very vibrant place to be as a musician. In a recent conversation, he spoke of playing music back home and in New York before playing in Milwaukee, and he’s genuinely surprised by the warm welcome and sense of community that many of the local bands readily share compared to what he’s experienced elsewhere.

Into Arcadia should expect that this support will not waver, as word of their own brand of Manchester-meets-Milwaukee captures the ears of Milwaukee’s music-geeks ready for the next, exciting local arrival…

Find Into Arcadia’s Maps for Children at their myspace page, *here* or at local record stores such as Atomic Records, Rush-Mor Records and The Exclusive Company. Other local businesses, such as Fasten Collective, Top Shelf Guitar Shop and A-Hem Clothing Company will also be carrying the EP.

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