Three-thing Tuesday!

Apologies for all three of you who regularly read our fine electronic publication. We had some brief, yet excellent things to talk about yesterday, but apparently even the mighty Google (who hosts this Blogger Beast) has to call the I.T. Department once in a while.

Not to worry, though. I’m here to fill you in on what you missed:

My good friend Justin from MKE’s Blog Party (who’s currently freaking out because The Black Keys are coming to Turner Hall this Fall, and he’s never seen them) reported on this over the weekend. (Who reads on the weekend?) 88.9 FM RadioMilwaukee is offering up these adorable little “Summer Passports” for you to take around town this Summer. It’s equal parts self-promotion, and motivation to get you out and about. Show up at anything they’re hosting a booth or table at, get your passport stamped, then, at the end of the— wait. Why am I telling you this, when I can just link to Justin’s original article here, and refer you to 88.9’s actual Web site here?

Well, not “we” as in “Fan-belt,” but “we” as in “Milwaukee.” Milwaukee bands, to be exact. At Summerfest.

You already knew about Cascio Interstate’s Groove Garage stage, co-sponsored by both WMSE and Shepherd Express, and chock full of amazing local bands. But today, I noticed some of the best acts in town are getting major stage shine.

Go to Summerfest’s site and see for yourself. Freshwater Collins, Scarring Party, Growing Nation, THE FRICKIN’ GLAMOUR! They’re all there. Check out the Summerfest Web site, and figure when you need to be at which stage to cheer them on.

If you made it out to the Bay View Bash last year, and stuck around for the final musical act of the night, you know how perfect a night it wound up being. David Brown (of Brazzaville) came all the way from Spain to play a handful of Midwest dates, and his stop in Milwaukee was a big reason for the trip. (You can read all about why here.)

For the uninformed, Brown makes the kind of music you hear in your head when you’re standing on the beach at night, staring at the stars. Or when you’re sailing on a raft in the middle of the ocean, eating fruit, watching little red birds settle in all around you. The kind of music that comes from the faraway lands that exist inside you.

Maybe that’s why the entire crowd was so enchanted by it all, Bossa Nova-ing along to the music, beers in one hand, dance partner in the other. At one point, I remember getting twirled by my favorite Russian Rollette thinking, “This might be my favorite festival in Milwaukee.”

What can I say? I get caught up in the moment.

Anyway, Brown’s returning to Milwaukee this Summer for not one, but TWO shows. And one of them’s FREE! I know, right? My head exploded, too.

The free one is at Bastille Days, on Thursday, July 10. (Click here to download the full event schedule.)

The not-free one is at Cactus Club the following Sunday, July 13. Look for me at both of them. I’ll be on cloud nine. As you should be after reading this long a post.

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