Stumblur Fest THIS WEEKEND!

Words by Dan Agacki

Another weekend in Milwaukee is upon us, packed to the gills with potential fun. Dusty Medical Records, along with Search and Annoy fanzine, have upped the ante this weekend with their assembling of Stumblur Fest. They’ve packed two bills full with some of today’s finer garage punk specimens. With nine bands in two days it may seem a bit of a blur, so here is a quick rundown of what we’re in for:

Friday, May 30 at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

Cheater Slicks – After over 20 years of consistently great garage punk wallop, the Slicks are setting foot on Milwaukee soil for the first time. Let’s give them the warm welcome they deserve.

Aluminum Knot Eye – Local stalwarts who recently logged their 10-year anniversary. Beers are spilled and the ghosts of The Pagans and Electric Eels pummel your eardrums.

The Reverse – Another local mainstay, bringing you fuzzed out rock and roll since 2001.

Goibbledoimbs – Milwaukee’s kings (and queen) of knuckledragging punk. For more info, check out this previous Fan-Belt entry.

Saturday, May 31 at
Frank’s Power Plant

The Spits – One chord wonders from Kalamazoo/Seattle.

Live Fast Die – New Hampshire’s dumb punk counterparts of the Spits.

The Pets – The pride of Oakland, CA. Penning catchy punk rock songs is their craft.

Plexi 3 – The lone local band on this show. Milwaukee’s answer to L.A. circa 1977.

The Real Numbers – Former Milwaukeean fronting a Minneapolis power trio.

On both nights before/between/after the bands, The Get Drunk DJs will be spinning tasty jams from their enviable record collections.

For more information, visit co-sponsor 91.7 FM WMSE’s events page.

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