Jackraasch: Live at Stonefly Tonight!

photo courtesy of the band

Most of the best things in life are pairs — it’s an equal distribution of mind bouncing off mind, the whole Newtonian theory that every action has an equal, but opposite reaction and the live-action ‘we approve!’ testimony of Batman and Robin.

Jackraasch seems to agree. Comprised of Sean Raasch and Tyler Nelson, Jackraasch tests these ‘duo theories’ — a perfect example of how bands don’t necessarily need to be a whole orchestra to hold validity, nor even possess the formulaic standby of guitar, bass, drums. Raasch pointed out why.

“To be honest, [the music] felt so full and right from the start. Usually bass is in your mind when you start a band, but I guess bands like the White Stripes and the Black Keys make us feel OK about it. I mean, they’re pretty much giants compared to us, but if they can do it, so can we…and we get paid more at shows…” he adds with a sly smile.

JackRaasch has been getting plenty of practice playing numerous shows live with everyone from John the Savage, Fable & the World Flat and Fly Neurotic, since their first stints at playing out three years ago. Their guitar/drums combo is ultimately stripped-down, but nothing short of exciting, live. “We love the songs to be stripped down and exposed, but real loud…we have one pedal. That’s all we want. [And] we’ve been playing for about three years together, so I’d like to think we’ve become pretty alright at it…” Raasch muses.

Gaining inspiration from everyone from Issac Brock (which is evident) to Bob Dylan (song crafstmanship-wise) to Elvis Presley (“I think if you sound too good, it’s fake. Otherwise, it’d be that rocker guy who won American Idol a couple years ago…”), Raasch’s sincerely-styled vocals, bare-bones guitar and Nelson’s solid percussion comes off both as genuine and genuinely good.

So good, they’re all set to hit up one of the most major summer festivals in their hometown…that, which is known as Summerfest. “This will be our first yet, so that’s pretty exciting,” Raasch says. “We [also] have a CD release show on June 20th with Fly Neurotic and a vinyl release in July at Mad Planet with bands TBA…maybe a couple Amtrak trips around the country….I will never stop writing songs. That’s my favorite part of music. The writing. As long as we have money, we’ll be recording.” Jackraasch definitely has that whole Newtonian action/reaction thing down.

Jackraasch will be at Stonefly at 9 p.m. tonight with Javelins and Saebra. Stonefly is located at 735 E. Center Street. Catch them again at Stonefly on June 7th as they play with Fable & the World Flat and Yourself and the Air.

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