The Future is Here, And It’s Ugh. (Or, Why You Should Care About Adam Weird As Much As He Cares About You.)

Words by Brian Whitney

Why? Because he’s the type of person who can self-apply the surname “Weird” and have a band that consists of himself and two mannequins whom he insists on personifying, yet isn’t above drinking from a communal Steel Reserve silo at two in the morning while some drunk guy sticks a mini tape recorder in his face and asks him a bunch of stock questions.

Adam’s band goes by the name The Mechanics of Romance, and it features him on guitar and vocals, Stacy Strange on keyboards and bass and Debbie Steady on drums. No, neither Stacy nor Debbie are living people, but that doesn’t keep them from being a more lively rhythm section than most current Milwaukee bands. Though to be fair, pretty much anyone would be energized by Adam’s efforts. He’s the only person I know willing to set up a full band’s worth of equipment by himself for the sole purpose of maintaining the Mechanics’ visual aesthetic. Anybody willing to do that much work and make it look easy gets my vote.

Adam and the Mechanics (living or not, I consider them a three person band) demonstrate an attitude that doesn’t usually lead to widespread success but does lead to respect from others in the artistic community. They make the type of music that you’ll have a strong opinion about pretty much immediately, and both the musical and visual ideas that the Mechanics present will either be loved or hated with little room in between, which is the way Adam likes it. Personally, I can’t understand how anyone who’s witnessed one of their frenetically energetic live shows wouldn’t enjoy themselves. With the right crowd at the right venue, a Mechanics show can be a life affirming experience.

Much like his approach to music, Adam’s approach to the staid, traditional art gallery show is equally impressive and refreshing. Instead of a snooty wine-and-hoeurs-d’oeuvres filled affair where the goal is to sell art at jaw dropping prices, Adam is bringing his pieces (and a keg) to the Borg Ward this Friday, May 23rd. While his goal isn’t to sell but rather exhibit his work, pieces will be for sale and at prices that Adam promises to be affordable for anyone.

There are many admirable qualities about Adam that others in the artistic community could take note of. He’s not above making bold statements (such as his declaration that Milwaukee’s music scene is better than that of Chicago) and backs up his opinions by enthusiastically putting in the effort. Both his music and art share similar influences (Weird cites both Devo and the Fluxus movement as inspiration) that were interested in doing something different that could be enjoyed by anyone. I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t enjoy what Adam does on some level, but embraced or not, Adam’s going to keep working and the present and future of Milwaukee art and art in general depend on people like him.

“Plastique Pop: A Syncopated Psychedelic Soiree featuring the work of Adam Weird” will be showing at the Borg Ward, 823 West National Avenue, this Friday, May 23, at 8 pm. For more information on Adam, visit his MySpace page here.

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2 Responses to “The Future is Here, And It’s Ugh. (Or, Why You Should Care About Adam Weird As Much As He Cares About You.)”

  1. Jen Arcand Says:

    Love the Band…and the Write..well he’s…sub par to say the least.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Adam Weird is the BEST! Someone needs to give this guy a chance to show his stuff!

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