The Reverse, M.O.T.O. at Cafe Lulu This Saturday!

photo by Greg Schaal

Established in 2001, The Reverse has been treating Milwaukee to its dance-your-pants-off rock ‘n roll, as steady as they come. Their energized live performances keep teasing the band’s fans, as they want to know when they can ever own a piece of documented audio from this group — the waiting’s almost over apparently, as The Reverse is planning to drop its first-ever, full-length on a city that’s been following them since day one.

Rory Reverse says, “We have a split single that we put out with The Black Hats a few years back. That was recorded by John Gehring and myself. We also have a song on the Live at WMSE Volume 2. Our full-length record (which should be finished fairly soon) was recorded by John Gehring in his studio. We cannot say enough wonderful things about John. He is hands-down, the best person to work with when recording music in this city. He has the patience of a saint and the talents of a phenom.”

The band: Rory Reverse (drums), Kurt Reverse (vocals), Andy Reverse (guitar) and John Reverse (bass) got their start when their love of music (everything from The Minutemen to The Kinks to John Coltrane and Stan Kenton) and their familiar backgrounds (Andy and John grew up together and Kurt and Rory had known each other since high school) prodded them to start a band together, after playing in other bands in previous years. “Five years ago, the…guys presented the idea of doing a primitive, angry rock band. Something that we’ve always wanted to do. I wholeheartedly jumped at the opportunity to play drums for the project once I heard how great Andy’s songs were, and that’s basically how it started,” Rory states.

Sharing the stage with local bands such as The Mistreaters and The Avoided to non-locals such as The Blind Shake and Holly Golightly, The Reverse has truly enjoyed meeting other musicians and fans (they cite WMSE DJ Buzz as one of their favorites.”…I will run out of room here if I try to enumerate how incredible a giant among men that Buzz is…”,says Rory). “The truly best shows are the ones where the four of us are completely locked into the songs and just beating the living fuck out of our instruments, while our friends are spilling beers and dancing a drunken two-step to our songs. We’ve met so many great people…seeing people go crazy and dance when we play is the most humbling experience. We’re all a bit introverted, so to know that what we’re doing is appreciated by other people and not just grudgingly accepted is a really amazing experience for us…”.

Catch The Reverse as they share the stage with M.O.T.O. and the Get Drunk DJ’s at Cafe Lulu on Saturday, May 17th, 10:30 p.m.

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